Gift guide: what to buy neurotypical people for Christmas

[Gifted/AD: I was gifted the items in this post, at my own request, in exchange for an honest review. I have previously collaborated with Nero’s Notes, Say Nice Things, bakerdays, and Icon Books.]

When in conversation with people I know to be on spectrum, they often make reference to Christmas, birthdays, etc; a recurring theme is that they do not know what to get neurotypical people-as in, someone not on spectrum-for these occasions. (Various reasons as to why.) Anyway; I thought it was about time that I put together a gift guide of suggested gifts, for different people. I’ve gone for their ‘roles’-i.e ‘parents’-as well as characteristics, such as if the person is a stationery fan.

For a younger sibling

Cocoa and Heart have created..unicorn bark. Yep, you read that correctly. This is a wonderful package of artisan chocolate, interwoven with rainbow coloured sweets. The chocolate is handmade, has a shel life of 4-6 months, and tastes pretty good. It also comes beautifully wrapped, too. Cocoa and Heart is also giving blog readers ten percent off with the code XMAS18 until January 31st. Click here to buy. 

For a ‘Secret Santa’

I heard of Get Real Funky through The Bloglancer’s newsletter, which is how I first heard of them. If you’re looking for a Secret Santa gift, the bum bag (or is it Fanny pack?) is relatively cheap, and some of the designs are off-beat enough to be funny, without being offensive. (Me being me, I had to go with the laughing cat design.) Get in quick with this one, as they’re selling fast; click here to buy.

For the friend who adores stationery

We sometimes meet people who adore stationery, perhaps just a little too much. (Read this Papier piece if you don’t believe me.) But Nero’s Notes, rebranded from Pocket Notebooks, has a wonderful selection of notebooks on offer-and there is something for everyone. Be it a Dingbats notebook (vegan, biodegradable, and well deserving of its cult status), or the smaller Rhodia notebook, they have everything. (Not convinced about Dingbats? See my review here.) For the Rhodia notebook, click here; for the other, click here. 

*This is me, by the way

The pen pal

Say Nice Things, a new & upcoming brand were founded, basically, because the owner loves stationery. (We’ve collaborated a few times before.) The Flipflop pocket notebook is the sort of thing I would send to a pen pal; one side is lined, then you flip it… and it’s dotted! It’s also ideal, because it’s small enough to put in your pocket. Click here to buy. 

The person who loves to plan


Because who doesn’t love planning?! Say Nice Things also stocks The Essentials-coming in kits of either blue or pink with a candy theme. These sets have a variety of notebooks in various sizes. What’s so special? Well, they are divided into two sections; the first is boxes, to go along with the sticky tags, so you can plan better. The rest is lined for general note taking. (SO useful!) Not convinced? This post has more about it. Click here to buy. 


A little while ago I was gifted Under The Wig for a review; it’s the sort of book that I would recommend for parents. I was utterly fascinated with this book, as it goes ‘under the wig’ of the legal profession. (I read it in two days, and it took a lot to prise me away from the book!) This is a good book, a lot is up for debate; perfect to give your parents. Click here to buy. 

The foodie

Most of us all know someone who is a ‘foodie’-the person who has an adoration of food, and who talks about food all the time. They may even blog about food! And if they have a sweet tooth? Enter Stroopwafel World. I was first introduced to Stroopwafel’s when I visited Rotterdam back in May; they are almost like a flat biscuit, doused in syrup in the middle. (Heated, it tastes so good.) You can view & buy the various options here. And liquor? Yes please. (It has a very sweet smell.) You can buy it here. And you can buy the Amsterdam butter cookies here. 

I have worked with bakerdays on a few occasions, such as when they sent me a cake for my birthday. (See here.) This letterbox cake is delicious, there’s an element of personalisation, the delivery is quick.. what more could you possibly want? It made me smile, coming to it at the end of the day. It also isn’t as sweet as it looks; there are lots of options, too, for every type of person. To buy this particular cake, click here. To explore the other options, click here.

To encourage more acceptance of disability

Time to give tactful gifts… y’know, to encourage an element of acceptance, rather than awareness. Because #ActuallyAutistic. M Is For Autism came to me while writing a piece for Indy Best; it’s one of my favourite books about Autism. Centred round M, it deals with the topic of diagnosis, in an incredibly creative format; the sequel, M Is For Autism, a novel, is pretty, good, too. M Is For Autism can be bought via Amazon. 

The Thinker*

How can I even begin to put this to words?

Harry Leslie Smith is one of my favourite writers; I sobbed like a child when it was announced he died a few weeks ago. In his nineties, Harry made his last stand, giving way to the title of Harry’s Last Stand. (See my review here.) He had a podcast, and crowdfunded a tour across the globe; he was passionate about helping refugees, healthcare for all. He wrote books, met with politicians, holding meetings…. This man is my hero.

Don’t Let My Past Be Your Future is about Smith’s childhood during the Great Depression; at the age of seven, he was the breadwinner of the household, working to keep his mother and sister safe. Another sister, Marion, died; her class dictated she wasn’t allowed pain relief, or even medical care. The description is haunting, adding to the call to arms measure of the book. You can buy it here. 

Love Among The Ruins is the story of how Harry met his wife, Friede, in the aftermath of the Second World War. Harry was mobilised as part of the British army; Friede and her family were starving. This is how they became Husband and Wife, how they survived the hash aftermath, the challenges the overcame. (Including exiting a church!) This is one of my favourite books, because it is so beautiful; it’ll make you think, if nothing else. You can buy it here. 

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