Gift guide: what to buy Autistic people for Christmas

[Gifted/AD: I was gifted the majority of the items in this post, in exchange for honest reviews. I have previously collaborated with Dingbats, Say Nice Things, Icon Books, and Mia Tui. ]

“Ugggrrhhh, Lydia, you’re sooo hard to buy gifts for” was a remark that got me thinking (and which sparked the idea for this post.)

If you know somebody who is on the Autistic spectrum, they may fall into the same category. Therefore, why not compile a gift guide? As an autistic person, these are what I think would be a suitable gift for somebody on spectrum.

Cocoa & Heart Chocolate

This is a Flower Power Chocolate Gift Box ; from Cocoa and Heart, it came beautifully wrapped in pink tissue paper, along with a handwritten note. For a brand that relies on being handmade, this was something that made me smile when I opened it. At various points this year, I have seen Autistic people struggling on Twitter, or from personal relationships; they have felt lonely, isolated, confused. This could be sent as a “thinking of you” gift for Christmas.

Magdalena also offers Chocolate decorating classes; for ten percent off your purchase, use the code XMAS18. (valid until January 31st 2019.)  You can also see her Christmas themed chocolate here. 

Popcorn Shed

I first saw Popcorn Shed in a local shop; the artisan branding intrigued me, as well as the unique flavours. These, I think, are suitable for meeting sensory needs; I dislike membrane food at times, but these overcome that. The popcorn is delicious, too. It also reminded me a little bit of the first Harry Potter film, with Ron digging into a similar box during the Christmas scene.

Click here for the salted caramel flavour; for peanut butter here, and cheese here.

Dingbats notebook

2018 was the year of sustainability; we had ban-the-plastic movements, reactions to warnings about global warming, and a rise in sustainable brands. Dingbats are the brand to go for, for this exact reason! (And it suits all needs you’d like in a notebook; biodegradable, back pocket, page marker, dotted lined or blank for bullet journal enthusiasts.)

Sometimes being diagnosed as being autistic can be difficult; I’ve heard various scenarios where the person has at times been in denial. (After all, why would they want a label? And one that society doesn’t always take Kindly too, at that.) This elephant notebook-which I reviewed here-is perfect for journaling. It could be good as a tactful gift this Christmas.

To buy this elephant notebook, click here.

Say Nice Things

I have worked with Say Nice Things on a couple of things before, including a Twitter giveaway, as well as a stationery haul. This year, I am delighted to be working with them again.

The Essentials Set is so, so useful. Divided into two sections-one has boxes, the other is lined-it’s very useful for planning. (Planning is something that’s almost a compulsion for me; it’s my way of bringing a little more order into an otherwise chaotic world.) Emma at A Cornish Geek has a post about using your essentials set in the most productive way; it’s a series of notebooks, complete with a post it block.

Christmas cards? This could be for a quiet activity, away from hustle and bustle; maybe a kind of treasure hunt, depending on age?

Love Among The Ruins

Whenever sound becomes too overwhelming, I often take myself away from its causes, just to calm down. (I wrote a little bit about what it’s like being on a train, here.) Anyway, whenever I take myself away from potential sensory overload, I put in my headphones, turn up my music loudly, and read.

Love Among The Ruins is one of my favourite books for this reason; I started to read it whenever I felt overwhelmed, or to distract myself on a train. It’s a wonderful story-one that I’ll be reviewing later this month-enough so that I wanted to cry (in a good way) at times. Although it’s selfish of me, I thought that, because of how it has helped me, it should be included in this post.

Click here to buy it from Icon Books. 

Paperchase pens

Lets be blunt about this: my handwriting is terrible. It’s something I have observed over the years; a majority of the people that I have known who are on spectrum were openly frustrated, struggling with their handwriting. (But the bonus is that because not many people can read it, I can get away with hiding things in plain sight!) Anyway, thanks to Dolly Alderton’s Instagram page, I was introduced to the concept of Paperchase fountain pens. They are cheap, disposable fountain pens; you don’t need to faff about with cartridges, etc. They are very light, flow nicely, and are weighted just enough to make my handwriting legible. Click here to buy them. 

Mia Tui

What’s the way to be more organised? Go for Mia Tui! While being reliant on being stylish, Mia Tui is also practical; its bags are built with varying compartments, therefore maximising potential space for you to use. (Not convinced? Here are seven reasons why you should be.) Anyway: sometimes I struggle with organisation, and a lot of my friends and contacts on spectrum do, too. This takes that out of the equation, so you know where everything is at one. Pictured is The Olivia, but there are a host of Christmas offers on their homepage, too.


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I was first introduced to Stroopwafels when I visited Rotterdam earlier this year; they are a kind of flat, slightly flimsy pastry, with hot syrup inside. This was one of the nicest things I’ve ever tasted. I also thought, maybe, if I could get hold of Stroopwafel’s in the UK, this would be something to have, having calmed down from being overwhelmed (in terms of sensory overload.) Stroopwafel World has a range of products to offer, including Christmas products; you can buy a box of Stroopwafel’s here. Amsterdam biscuits are delicious; the liquor I’m saving for a special occasion. 

Note: Most of what is included here-apart from the Paperchase pens-I was gifted, in exchange for an honest review, wether for the purpose of the review, or having been gifted previously. You can find out more here. 


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