Guest Post: Christmas gifts for journalists by Kate Jones

Hello once more to readers of Lydia’s blog! You may recognise me from previous posts here, but if not, I’m Kate, a 22-year-old journalist, blogger and community radio presenter from the UK. With the festive season coming up, Lydia asked if I would be interested in a collaboration, and I was more than happy to accept!

Lydia and I are both huge journalism devotees — after all, we’ve made careers in the industry! However, you might be reading this post as someone who’s not into journalism — rather, perhaps you’ve stumbled across this as you’ve got a journalist in your life who you want to buy a Christmas gift for but you’re totally stumped. Well, never fear, Kate is here!

As a journalist, I’m about to offer you a Christmas gift guide sprinkled with a bit of media magic — a mini online manual, shall we say, that will allow you to get your favourite journalist a gift that ensures they’ll have a very merry festive season without breaking your bank!

Option one: portable phone charger

Where would journalists be without their mobile phones? They can interview people on them, they can do a quick fact-check on them… they can even snap a live video or picture on them and upload it online, something which is all important in this era of mobile journalism!

Consequently, if a journalist is out of the office covering a story and their mobile phone runs out of battery, unless they can find a socket to use to charge up, they’re in pretty deep doo-doo. However, there’s an item out there that can eliminate this problem: the portable phone charger. Try the Argos website if you’re after an affordable one — prices start at £8.99!

Option 2: a film or TV show about journalism

Sometimes it’s great to relax with a good flick or box set, and if you get the journalist in your life a film or box set they can relate to, you’re unlikely to go wrong! Options include Citizen Kane, Broadcast News, The Devil Wears Prada or even comedy-drama TV show The Bold Type. Here, you can buy a DVD of The Devil Wears Prada for just £2.98.

Option 3: A Readly Subscription

There seems to be something of an unwritten rule out there that if you like writing, you’ll like reading too, and given that a lot of journalism involves writing, a magazine subscription might be a good bet if you’re looking for a Christmas gift for a journalist.

However, Readly isn’t any old magazine subscription: it grants you tablet and smartphone access to over 3,500 UK and international magazines, including more than 82,500 back issues, in one package. What’s more, the company offers gift cards, meaning you can treat the journalist you’re buying for to a piece of magazine heaven.

Option 4: The Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook

So you know a journalist who writes and is looking to go freelance? Get them the Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook, which is full of info on how to get published, including contacts! Buy the 2019 version so they’re bang up to date: there are articles in there with topics about things like writing non-fiction and UK copyright law. J.K. Rowling’s described it as “full of useful stuff” — and if it’s good enough for J.K., it’s good enough for me!

Option 5: A Good Old Mug

No, I’m not talking a photo of someone (that’s a bit of journalism terminology for you there).

 Tea and coffee is undoubtedly a huge fuel source for journalists, so why not get them a receptacle for these drinks with a personal touch? With this journalist-themed Etsy mug, priced at £6.99, you could even get the name of the person you’re buying for printed on it!

There are other present option out there for journalists. A nice coat or hat to keep them warm when they’re out covering a story, a personalised pen, a voucher for some delicious food for when it’s been a busy news day… there’s loads of choice! Don’t sweat the present-buying process, though: whatever you get your favourite journalist, bear in mind that if the gift’s personal to their industry, you’re unlikely to go wrong.*


*Unless you find they’ve done an exposé about it called “The Worst Present I Ever Received”. Then you can be pretty sure that you messed up somewhere along the line. 😉

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