Review: Dingbats Notebook *

What does it take to potentially curb an expensive Moleskine habit? Well, a Dingbats notebook. 

When I took time out from running this blog recently, in order to focus on my journalistic commitments, I was also planning ahead. I was lucky enough to have been gifted this Dingbats notebook-at my own request-to review. 

First impressions: 

Well, yes. I had to stop what I was doing when the postman thrust this parcel at me (he was too busy and I hurt my nose), and set it up. Ironically, I felt like a kid in a sweet shop; I was hopping about, stroking its cover, planning how to set it up, deliberating over the pens to use.

The notebook was bigger than I thought it was; it’s also easier to write across the page because of this. 

I also really liked the fact that it has a pocket at the back-and not one that is the same size as the back cover. (Because when this has happened previously, I’ve managed to paper cut myself, and it’s hard to use.) I immediately had to stash my stamps, post-its and several receipts that had been sitting in my handbag inside. 


Delivery was fairly easy; I also really liked the layout of the Dingbats’ website. For all its simplicity, it was really easy to order-and it wasn’t confusing when trying to order. 

My one real piece of criticism is that I didn’t have a lot of information from the point of order; I didn’t receive a dispatch email, and the day it was delivered I remember thinking “has it got lost in the post?” 


I think I’m a brand convert?

When I received this Dingbats notebook I was really impressed, enough so that this is what I take with me on assignments.

I also really liked how it’s set up; you can tear the pages out easily, there’s the pocket at the back, there’s a pen loop. Oh, and there’s more pages than in your average notebook. The only thing I was disappointed with was that the pen loop snapped off after a month of using the notebook.

In terms of ink, I was impressed because the pages didn’t let it bleed through to the next page-even when writing with a fountain pen. (Remember those?) I had been a skeptic before; the internet has a lot of reviews raving about these notebooks. I had to question if it was true or not.

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Disclaimer: at my own request, I was gifted this notebook for a review. My opinions have not been bought or influenced otherwise. You can view more via my disclaimer.   

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