The ultimate gift guide for fans of The Bold Type

The Bold Type is one of my ‘special interests’; it’s an Amazon Prime series, which follows three twenty-somethings around New York. They work for Scarlet Magazine, either writing, curating fashion spreads, or creating social media content. Along the way the series tackles issues such as gun control, female fertility; it also has a diverse cast! Anyway, I thought it would be fun to put together a gift guide for people who love the series by character. (Departure from the more serious topics, no?) 


Jane is the writer of the trio; at first I must admit I didn’t like the character. She seemed immature at times, as well as whining a lot. But I liked her towards the end of season 1; she decides to leave her job for pastures new. This causes contention with her boss; she makes a list of pros and cons in a notebook, leaving it in her office. (Yep, really.) But there’s a similar notebook from Paperchase! It’s a dream to write in. (Trust me I know. I’m using it as I write this.)

I also like Jane’s misc-en-scene; everything comes together. I loved her nail varnish choices, such as when going for Charcol grey (H&M), or pairing black chinos with a jumper. (Sometimes it’s her boyfriend’s, just as a guess, or it’s casual workwear. Both from Primark.)


Sutton is a master-in-the-making of the fashion department. She’s also uber stylish, kind and considerate. Throughout series two she had a stunning hot pink nail varnish and lipstick combination. A similar nail varnish is available at Kiko very cheaply; Mac also tailors the lipstick shade. 

Personally, I love her sense of fashion, and how the clothes of the character are put together. There’s one particular scene in Season 2 were Sutton wears a tulle skirt. (Coming back from a man’s house; she ‘rocks’ the walk of shame.) They go with everything, as seen in H&M. 

Sutton also has a taste for trench coats at times, such as when visiting a flee market or when it’s raining in the city. There’s a pink version, or even something slightly Plaid, from Primark.


Kat is a wunderkind social media director; a lot of the plot revolves around her and her girlfriend. Anyway, she’s exactly how I’d imagine a blogger to me. She is smart, a tiny bit intimidating with her coolness, a little bit brash at times, but always, always like the cool aunt of any group. She also has an eye tuned for turning even the most mundane thing into content.

She’s the sort to have an initial on her phone case (from New Look); she also makes use of a pop socket in season one. (From Etsy.)

By Season 2, I felt there was more of a character divide; you knew when Kat was at home or at work. I loved her work clothes; be it a smart black blazer matched with a bag (both H&M), paired with a berry lip, it showed a more serious side to the character. She became more three dimensional as the show progressed.

The Bold Type (season 1 and 2) is available now on Amazon Prime.


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