Review: Blog Box U.K.

Recently, I was lucky enough to win a Twitter giveaway. (I know! I have won a ticket to an event via Twitter before, but not something tangible like this.)

Blog Box UK is a newly launched business; run by a mother and daughter duo, it’s a subscription box for Bloggers. How cool is that? And I don’t think there’s any other box like it. I retrieved it from the post office (I was away when it arrived and it needed a signature) and opened it.

First thoughts: 

Initially I thought “Wow, that’s huge!” The box was big enough to not fit comfortably in my bag. But on opening the box, it turns out, there was another box inside… I’m not really sure about this. Surely one box would have been sufficient? Besides, that would also contribute to more packaging being used than necessary.

But I like the box inside. It has a blue bow! Very cute-and highly Instagrambale. (Something every blogger wants, right?) And it’s also very inviting. I couldn’t wait to open this box, and I immediately opened it. The excitement levels were probably what you could describe as ‘palpable’.

What’s inside? 

Everything that came with the box was nestled in the box, inviting you in. Just take a look!

Inside the box was a jar decorated with a ribbon, a flower, a teeny tiny box of sequins (great for flatlys!), a notebook, two notecards with slogans on them, and a collection of discount cards for places like Coconut Lane. I’d say, for the price of only £5.50, that’s an absolute steal.

I’ll be moving house soon, and this box will be useful. I like how well the vase and flower go together; they can go together on a window seal! And they would make any desk look pretty. (As a freelancer working from home, this is a bonus.) They’re pretty and they could make a home a home.

I also like the sequins and notecards. My photography needs to improve on the blog-which I’m learning to do more and more. But wouldn’t they be great for a flatlay? Failing that, they could be useful for a festival-glue in the hair, maybe. I might also out the notecards on my noticeboard, or send to pen pals.

If you’re a blogger, I’d highly recommend you sign up; this box is going to be so useful for all your blogging needs.

To buy one of these boxes, make sure you visit the Blog Box UK website, and click on their ‘shop’ tab. 


  1. August 14, 2018 / 7:29 pm

    This is such a cute little box and it’s so interesting to hear that it’s a mother and daughter duo running the company, Blogbox! The jar decorated with ribbon reminded me of bottles with little notes inside and it being thrown into the ocean (clearly I watch WAY too many movies haha) The marble part of the notebook looks like the perfect thing for instagram flat-lays!

    And wow! Such a nice price for all that you get in the box, especially since they also give you collection of discount cards!


  2. Kim
    September 29, 2018 / 10:29 am

    This is great. I love the idea of a themed box just for bloggers but agree there’s no need for two lots of packaging.

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