Pink Fluoro Filofax; What’s Inside?

I recently finished my NCTJ journalism qualification, and I was in a “treat yourself” mood. After nearly a year in training, it was time to get organised. (Here comes the job search, the freelance pitches!) And so I found myself with a new Filofax.

What Filofax?

When out and about in Brighton, I spotted discounted Filofaxes in Ryman-however, The Original was not for me. (The covers were far too flexible.) But I found the Filofax Saffiano in Fluoro pink, size personal. The WHSmith staff were wonderful, answering all my questions about sizes and colours. It is available online and in store. (I’m a bit peeved that it’s £11 cheaper online!)

What’s inside?

The main thing I need in Filofax for is juggling the amount of stuff I do. Now that I have left my journalism course, I’ll be looking for a job, as well as freelancing, whilst blogging and going to events. (Sounds a lot, right?) And I also needed a diary to keep track of everything.

I also find planning really helpful, being on spectrum; it allows me to manage these tasks, obviously, but it acts in a way to prevent meltdowns. Routine helps.

This is what you see on opening the (quite sizeable!) planner. And I really like it, because it lies flat-not like when I had a metrapool version.

In the pen loop there’s the “Yes, I am a feminist” from Paperchase. It was part of their reward scheme-if you haven’t, sign up, it’s generous!-and I got it for free. It’s a little bit slim for the loop, but I also like this pen. I might change it, when the feminism pen runs out. (The thinner the pen, the messier my handwriting becomes.)

In the pocket is my emergency information-just in case, touch wood-and a tube map. My NUJ press card (if you’re a student journalist, you need to sign up!) is in the pocket, with rose gold paperclips.

To the right are two post-it packs, just in case of needing to scribble something in an emergency.

The tabs are one of my favourite features, as the split everything up. (Because things are more manageable when small.) There’s the diary, freelance contacts, finances, blog, writing, and personal documents.

I have the diary to two pages insert. (My handwriting is massive, and I have a lot of stuff to do at times. I need space!) I also like that there’s an extra space in case you need to write anything-like a reminder, errand. In this photo you can see my last week as a journalism student-two lectures, three exams, one graduation send off, coffee with a friend, and then a holiday.

And the next section…

The Filofax came with contact sheets. This is brilliant, as I’ll be going freelance full time! I’ll just take it out at events, write the details down, hand over a business card…

This is pretty self explanatory; I have the insert to go with it, left over from the old Filofax. I’ll be keeping tight control of what’s coming in and going out, now, until I find myself a job.

And.. the most relevant section! It’s a bit empty at the moment, as I’m a little bit occupied with other things at the moment. However, I have a list of blog post ideas, as well as a plan for a post (hopefully) upcoming. This is just part of the list of blog posts-some had to be taken out of view, due to needing to be kept private.

All to be revealed later this year! (Meanwhile, why not take a look at Gala Darling’s Filofax she is using at the moment?)

The next section is simply titled ‘Writing’-where I’ll keep track of everything to do with writing. Yeah, I know. I’ll draw a pitch tracker up later, when I have time after the exams I need to take. But at the moment, this is my “Media calendar”-where I have lists of events, books releases, etc for any possible articles.

As you can see, September-and even August for that matter-are quite busy. September has the most book releases by far-and I’m really excited to read Breaking News by Alan Rusbridger. (His editorship at The Guardian influenced me to become a journalist, with the sheer amount of incredible stories.)

And the last section… “Personal documents.”

So, there are two lists currently-books and films to watch. Behind this there are two pockets, one which holds things such as passport photos. I’ll also be collecting vouchers, as well as keeping stamps for the Netherlands (hullo Envy!) to hand.

I love the new Filofax, and I enjoyed watching an old episode of Doctor Who whilst setting it up. Although I loved my old Filofax, it was beginning to fall apart, and it needed changing. And if you want to see the blog post that introduced me to Filofaxes, check out Gala Darling’s post. 

Until next time, Lydia xo

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