7 reasons to love The Olivia from Mia Tui*

[Gifted/AD; I was gifted this bag by Mia Tui, and we’ve previously collaborated.]

For just over two months now, I have been the owner of The Olivia from Mia Tui in Cornflower Blue. (Although I’d argue it’s actually purple.) Since then I’ve been absolutely besotted with it. Why..?


We need to talk about how this bag is designed, in order to utilise as much space as possible. I like this most of all; I can carry my notebook, Filofax, Shorthand pad, as well as my waterbottle, cash, keys-with their own compartment. Everything is so easy to reach as well, rather than faffing about. I also like that this allows for me to carry my “sensory aids”-so, headphones, a book, scarf, etc-in case of a meltdown. (Want to see what’s in my bag?)

The contrasting colours.

It’s Cornflower blue (purple?) with a turquoise interior. The exterior colour is what attracted me to it most-as I hadn’t seen anything like it before-but the inside is bright enough so you can see everything. (Women’s bags are mostly black lined.) But now I can find my keys at the end of the day!


I’m a freelancer, so this takes me from coffee with contacts to an event, to travelling home on the train. It’s also really useful on a plane-to keep your documents in one place-as well as when out shopping. (Just a few errands? You can add your shoes in here, saving you paying five pence for a plastic bag. Think of the environment!) The Olivia adapts wherever you go, and for pretty much any occasion. I’m going to try it at a festival soon; I hope it stands up to the occasion. (Not convinced? Read this post.)

Being “put together”.

Can I be really girly for a moment? (It’s not something I usually am.)

The Olivia makes me feel “put together”-as in, “I’m ready, I’m awake, I’m professional, I can go about my job now.” I’m very much a ‘handbag girl’, for all my serious characteristics. The Olivia makes me smile.

The Name.

Some brands like to name their bags. One example I can think of is, due to her work on Roman Holiday, Audrey Hepburn had a particular style of shoe named after her. But all of the Mia Tui bags are named after women-which I really like. It adds to that feminine vibe-and it’s unapologetically female. In this day and age, women should not have to be apologetic about being female; I like that.

Detachable clutches.

A Mia Tui bag comes with detachable clutches-see through and matching. This is really helpful for someone like me, particularly in terms of organisation. And if you need to go out without a bulky bag, you can go out with just a clutch.

Back pocket and charm

You know when you’re getting off the Tube, and you’re like “WHERE’S MY TICKET?” And that’s often followed by the mass-panic as you empty your pockets, trying to locate it. It doesn’t have to be that way, not anymore! The Olivia has a zip up pocket, complete with a charm, to hold the ticket. Sorted!

The Olivia is currently on special offer from Mia Tui; not convinced? See what this blogger has to say about it. 

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