Brighton Street Art Tour.

Ever since my trip to Rotterdam in May, I’ve been noticing “street art”-or, as it’s sometimes called, Graffti-more and more. Brighton is one of my favourite cities; these are just a few photos I’ve taken over the last few weeks. (You can read about my trip to Rotterdam here.)

The Lanes are full of street art! If you go underneath the train station, there’s a perfect maze of art..

David Bowie peeks out from a wall, in his immortal form, near the cereal cafe.

This is also one of my favourite buildings, for all of the mix of hues, as well as the portraits.

Can you spot Freddie Mercury?I spotted this when visiting the city for the first time, nearly seven years ago; I always smile when I spot it.

A new type of graffiti-kind of like a stamp-has been going up around the city recently. The captions are oddly present, a kind of social commentary.

This is reminds me of the introduction to The Book Thief; “the rest is up to you” is what haunts me.

Brighton has a homeless problem; outside the city of Westminster, the city has the highest number of rough sleepers. This is eerie, considering where it was is a pace for a lot of rough sleepers; I want to help them. I just don’t know how.

This is is something I apply to my life; yes, I’m Autistic, and I’ll never be “normal”. And I never want to be “normalised”-because it’s a part of me.

Sometimes I think individuality and originality is swept away, for completely illogical, sometimes ideological reasons. If we overcame that, we could go further forward.

This reminds me of an Anastacia song, called Nobody Loves Me Better; Wanna know how I’m on my own/rocking the cities New York to Rome/wanna know how I do it darling/I’m gonna show you how I do it/everywhere I go/I want them all to know..

This is only a small part of the city, but it’s from the part that I love the most. The artwork changes a lot, and it never remains the same.

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  1. August 4, 2018 / 10:19 am

    I also love a house near North Laine with all the dogs and some houses around town! There’s a house near St. Luke’s swimming pool with the Royal Pavillion painted on!

    Rachel || || @wachelruest

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