The Bag You Need For Freelancing

[Gifted/AD: I was gifted this bag by Mia Tui, in exchange for three posts.]

“The bag you need for freelancing” sounds like the title of a lifestyle blogger’s latest post-complete with shiny flatlays, instagram themes, etc. And this post is going to be my attempt at exactly that!

Mia Tui is a brand that I found out about from Cristina Criddle’s Instagram; the handbags are gorgeous! Jenna Farmer also featured one of the bags on her blog over on The Bloglancer. I was lucky enough to be gifted an Olivia in Cornflower blue. (And it’s on special offer!)

The Olivia, Cornflower Blue

I’ve always been interested in handbags, particularly since a teacher made a point of suggesting bags can influence events and careers. (Like with Margaret Thatcher and her little black bag.) I have stuck with that belief since-and it’s why I ask my female interviewee’s what’s in their bag. Besides, it’s a lifestyle blogger staple-like on Hannah Gale and Criddle Me This. 

The design:

I love the design of this; it’s not something that I usually go for, in terms of the colour. However, I loved it when it arrived-and it only took two days, which you could track! I had had a bad day, so it was a delight to come home to.

Similarly, I also like that it has a zip-up back pocket; it’s so helpful! When travelling, I usually just stick my Oyster card and train ticket in my pocket, later freaking out about where I’ve put it.

I also like how the bag is structured. It’s boxy enough to stand by itself, however the straps are wide enough so it doesn’t hurt my shoulders. (I carry a lot of stuff-being a student, freelancer, and blogger. I need room!)


This bag is designed to be the most functional handbag, I think. Take a look at the number of compartments and pockets; similarly, the lining is also blue, meaning you can actually find stuff!

The see-through purse I use for extra pens, pencils, highlighters, etc; I use it as my pencil case. (My notebook is my organiser, will an almost obscene amount of charts and trackers.) The clutch that matches the bag is for more discrete things, such as Hayfever tablets, painkillers, etc.

I also like that there’s room for a water bottle. I also like that there’s a chord to hook your house keys to-and you can find them when you need them! (I am always searching for mine when I come home at the end of the day.

How can this help anyone freelance? 

Because this is a post all about freelancing, I have to answer this question…

I think this is ideal for freelancing. Whenever I’m out at events, I have previously ended up lugging bulky bags round with everything in them. (It’s not a good look. Trust me.) However, this bag allows me to pack in a minimalistic way, whilst encompassing everything I need in one package. (Make sense?) I can carry my phone chargers, notebook, book for the train, purse, etc.

There’s also enough room for things such as documents, tablets, etc; you can literally take everything with you on the go…!

Final thoughts:

I love it, I love it, I love it!!

So far this bag has served me well, even with my tendency to over stuff handbags with stuff. I also like that I walk straight-it doesn’t influence my posture badly. (This has happened before. It ends badly.) The colour also goes well with pretty much everything in my wardrobe.

I would however like to make two suggestions. A feature I have seen increasingly is where products like this are lined to be protected from identity theft-as in, someone comes along, scanning the bag to steal your bank details. I know it’s unlikely, but better safe than sorry, right?

Also, I think that the brand could maybe branch out from just handbags; I would love to have a matching card holder with this bag. (You know, to hand out at events; at the end of July, I’ll be able to hand out cards with “Journalist / NCTJ trained / Blogger” on the back.)

But these bags are ideal for anyone who wishes to freelance; it’s convenient, functional, stylish, and incredibly practical. You can go from role to role to role-and it keeps you organised.

If you’d like to buy The Olivia, you can choose your own colour at Mia Tui. It’s also on special offer via the same website.


    • mademoisellewomen
      July 2, 2018 / 4:10 pm

      If you go with a slightly bigger version it will!

  1. July 2, 2018 / 4:19 pm

    I do love this bag! I’ve never actually been one for bags, that was always my sisters domain. I was more one for practicality over fashion but I feel like this covers both. It’s such a nice colour and shape and seems very practical too. I am much more for backpacks or mini backpacks but you might make a handbag person of me yet!


  2. July 2, 2018 / 4:28 pm

    This bag is so pretty and so convenient. The color is so beautiful. I love that it has a lot of pockets. This is something that I look in bags but most of them only have one big pocket.


  3. July 2, 2018 / 4:58 pm

    This is a really pretty and functional bag! I love that it’s got so many compartments, that’s perfect as I’m forever rummaging around at the bottom of my bag to find things 😂🙈. It’s a really nice colour too and would be perfect for any occasion. Thank you for sharing! 💖 xx

    Bexa |

  4. Lisa's Notebook
    July 2, 2018 / 5:48 pm

    This looks like such a fantastically useful bag. The cord for attaching your keys is genius, I am ALWAYS losing mine, usually just before the school run, haha. And as I usually have to take two separate bags to any meetings (a separate one for my iPad and A4 notebook) it would be lovely to be able to stuff everything into the one bag and go. Great post, Lydia, and I love your suggestion about incorporating an identity theft lining, that would be a deal clincher for me! xx

    Lisa |

  5. July 3, 2018 / 2:40 am

    I love it when a bag can carry everything you need while looking stylish. It’s always nice to find all sorts of compartments to keep your stuff together. Glad you’re enjoying the bag! Thanks for sharing ♥

    Nancy ♥

  6. July 4, 2018 / 7:42 pm

    This bag looks amazing! 🙂 I’m forever putting everything but the kitchen skin in my bags and it ends up being sooooo heavy! I love how many compartments this has and the colour is gorgeous 🙂 xx

    Jade |

  7. July 4, 2018 / 7:48 pm

    So cute, I love it! I too love handbags,that size is big without being bulky, but still stylish (and practical). A matching card holder would be really cute in that blue.


  8. July 4, 2018 / 8:54 pm

    Ooo I love this but I have an artsac at the moment and that’s also ideal for freelancing 😂 this is a bit more interviewey and professional looking though ❤️

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