Racing To The Deadline: June Round Up.

What has your month been all about? 

Mine has been all about ‘racing to the deadline’; from work experience to uploading a portfolio, to trying to get to 100 words per minute and filing copy, June has been all about ‘racing to the deadline’ for me. I even quit social media for that reason-with limited degrees of success.

So… this is what I have been up to, on the way to Fleet Street!

What I published: 

Some evenings, my hands have been aching, from the sheer amount that I have been writing. So: on the blog, these were my favourite posts that were published:

Harry’s Last Stand Review / How To Use Twitter For Journalism / Rotterdam: a street art tour/ How do they know that? 

I have also been writing more and more, in order to meet my NCTJ portfolio. So: in no particular order….

The business of blogging / Cereal and Doodle cafe- for Brighton & Hove Independent and Eastbourne Herald / Wizard shop owner flies for the homeless / The positives of being on spectrum / Sinatra and Swing night / STRONGHOLD come to Brighton / Why you should go to the EXIT Festival in Serbia /


Things have picked up the pace, hence the title, “Race to the deadline”. I completed Public Affairs; the exam was tough. There’s a lot to memorise, because it’s more theory based. I wish I had looked into ‘Europe’ more; that was the first question on the paper! Luckily I managed to pass it, though.

I also learnt a lesson. It is good to get everything out of the way, before the deadline. (If you’re doing your NCTJ, do your portfolio in advance. DO NOT leave it until the last week!) I had an influx of grey hairs-at the age of nineteen, and I’m a brunette. (Happens when I’m stressed.) There are a lot of hoops to jump with the portfolio.

I also re-sat the regulations test, and failed. (So, I’m re-sitting it again in July.)

All that I have to do now is get 100 words per minute Shorthand, pass Production journalism, and pass the Regs test.

What I’ve been reading: 

Interview with a Spycops victim / Don’t feel guilty for feeling sad / so I like hair and make up; it doesn’t make me an idiot / Turning your blog into a brand / The top 10 working class heroes in books / Anxiety in Autistic adults / What’s in my handbag? / The ultimate freelancing handbag / Social media is the perfect communication tool for Autistic people / Never light up blue 

How has your month been?

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