May Round Up: It’s Crunch Time.

It’s May. And it’s crunch time. For various reasons.

As I have written about before, I haven’t got long left on my Journalism course; after that, it’s out into the big wide world. (Scary thought, no?) That played a part in me going freelance. But it’s also crunch time; practicing Shorthand, filing manically to a deadline, pitching a lot. A lot has happened this month, in short.

Journalism course:

So much has happened on the course, and in such little time! It’s amazing to me to think that I’ll be finished in July.

I sat my Essential Journalism exam and the Regulations exam. (I found this topic hard; because it’s so subjective, it can be hard to get to grips with.) But I enjoyed the fast-paced element of this module, and practicing turning around stories quickly. It went horribly wrong, so I’m re-sitting it next month.

But it’s crunch time; there is only so long left. My portfolio is due next month; I also need to get to the hundred words a minute in Shorthand. Alongside this I’m trying to pitch freelance assignments, blog, occasionally read a book..


Pieces published:

I forgot to link up what pieces I had published last month; so here is what I have been writing for the last two months! (I think. Some may go further back than that.)

Sarah Saeed Profile / Root Experience grant appeal / Making the invisible visible / Stephen Colegrave interview / Nine reasons you should get involved with Byline festival 

There were some in-print articles as well, and as far as I understand, they are not online. I wrote a feature for BN1 with my classmate, Chelsea, called A Week Of Kindness; I was also in The Brighton And Hove Independent, as part of an interview with a local freelancer and businesswoman .

Books Read:

I read a lot less this month, largely as I have been a bit too busy. However, I really enjoyed A Hack’s Progress by Philip Knightley. Out of print, I had to buy it second hand from an independent bookshop; it was a treasure trove, a time capsule. He has hilarious stories, and is exactly the journalist that I wish to be.

I also started to read The Thalidomide Catastrophe; I think it’s a book everyone should read.¬†

And from the internet:

There have been various pieces from the internet that I have enjoyed:

5 tips for getting 100 wpm Shorthand / Top court reporting tips / Justice is seen to be done / 10 things you should know about the Tommy Robinson case / Amsterdam gets tough on tourist anti social behaviour / Social media is the perfect tool for autistic people / Banksy in Amsterdam / What’s in my handbag / Turning your blog into a brand / Do follow vs No follow links /


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