Can we talk about dealing with beauty products when you’re on Spectrum?

For a little while now, there’s been an issue that I’ve been mulling over; beauty products when you’re on spectrum. My approach to this is shaped by my sensory issues.

I’m not one for a lot of make up; in terms of sensory issues, I dislike the feel of how foundation sits on my skin. I’m not a fan of how some lipglosses are greasy, how lipstick is waxy. I find Mascara really fiddly; eyeliner sometimes makes my eyes weep.
In spite of this, I like beauty. Messing round with nail varnish, trying the occasional face mask, sampling perfume…

There are some products that do ‘work for me’, as the expression goes; one of my favourites is Dr Paw Paw balm. (Because you can do anything with it. You can do EVERYTHING!) I also like the occasional use of a NYX eyeliner I recently bought. (And it has only caused weeping once, possibly due to the heat as I write this.)

One of the things I have started to love recently is perfume, enough so that I always have a bottle in my handbag.

In terms of sensory issues, I’m not one for strong scents. (The ones that you can smell from a mile away, that are a bit heady, and leave you wrinkling your nose.) The perfume I usually go for is a more subtle smell, usually flowery. (Sometimes it also has a memory attached to it. But that’s me being sentimental.)

My ‘collection’ so far:

Allure by Chanel. (Thank you to my Grandmother!)

By Night by Christina Aguilera. (I saw it in Duty Free in Germany, loved it, and bought it.)

Strawberry spray from Boots, thanks to my sister.

Christina Aguilera self titled perfume. (I love the bottle, so bought it in Duty Free.)

Sensory issues are less about personal issues for me, meaning that I occasionally enjoy beauty products. (It’s more likely to be noise that bothers me. For example, I cannot stand airports; the noise of clattering machines, people everywhere, bright colours, checking bags in, going through security, waiting around for hours, all comes together in such a way… But that’s a topic for another blog post.)

Lydia x


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