Creating a Filofax Wishlist.

As a whimsical post, I thought I would create a “Filofax Wishlist”. (Because the ring-binder I have currently is a little bit ratty.) I’ve started to use my Filofax again, but it’s imperfect; therefore, I thought I’d sketch out what I’d like in a new one.

So…. I love the look of the Fuchsia Original (size personal). The colour is professional, with just a pop of colour to add to my bag.

As all Filofaxes, it comes with various refills and inserts already inside; however I created a list of inserts that I would also like to add to it. So: in terms of division, I would divide the Filofax into six categories. (And this lists the inserts categorised under them.)


So: the diary would need to be a week to two pages, otherwise the space would be far too small for me to write in. (I have GIANT handwriting, and a lot of deadlines, assignments, etc.) I would also have to make the diary pretty, complete with Washi tape, stickers..


This would be travel-based; I seem to spend a lot of my time on a train! (I can’t drive.) So: I would have blue notepaper in this section, a page per journey, plus a tube map. It would stop me getting very lost!)


I’m still on my NCTJ course; I finish in July. However, it still needs its own section, as this pretty much dominates my life. I am also a Journalism Diversity Fund recipient; I try to keep track of feedback, my finances, etc. (These inserts are working wonders currently!) I would also add a month-by-month calendar, to keep track of lectures, exams, etc.


This section would contain a variety of different coloured notepaper; it would mainly be lists. Ideas for stories, ideas for blog posts, a media calendar, collaboration ideas, contact details for newspapers..


I think I need to start looking after my finances a bit more; halfway through last year, they ended up being a little bit abused. So: I would set a goal of how much to save, a budget for the month, and fill out a finance insert-a page per month.


Life is not something that is concrete, or something that obeys planning; no matter how much I would like to, I cannot control everything. So, this section would simply be ‘other’-left for when something new is needed, to help me respond in the best way possible.

What would be in your dream Filofax?

Lydia xo

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Not sure what to put in your Filofax? Gala Darling has you sorted. And Filofax’s can be used in academia as well. 

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  1. May 5, 2018 / 6:12 pm

    First off I dream about a personal Malden Kingfisher blue. I recently found out that my pocket malden in fuchsia (planner/wallet) does not give me much space to write about my projects and I like to have a day on a page with the hours spread (busy mum). I don’t think I can stop myself much longer from buying this beauty… Then the pocket will serve only as a wallet.

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