April round up: Spring has finally sprung!

Ah, April. How I loved you. How I hated you.  And we finally have sunshine! (Well, as I write this. Hopefully it will last.)


I decided to do something about this blog; I’m looking at going freelance as a journalist, as well as monetising this website. I’ll be going self-hosted.

In terms of the blog, I tried to be as productive as I could. There was a guest post series by Rebekah Gillian, concerning sensory issues when on Spectrum. I also interviewed Charlene, who founded BeeChat. Kate Jones also guest posted about journalism. 

As to my own posts: I worked with bakerdays. I also documented my court trip as part of my NCTJ qualification; I also wrote a little bit more about Leveson 2. 

I also hosted a blog chat! It was the first time in ages that I have done that… I learnt how to deal with a mass-influx of tweets though. I’d finish a tweet, and there would be forty new ones. Similarly, I have begun looking into my SEO. Nearly 800 backlinks took my breath away….


I read more books this month than any other month so far this year.

Most of all, I really enjoyed Bridget Jones’ Diary, even if it is slightly frivolous. (She is a lot funnier in the book, though, and less two dimensional. She is also a lot more fuller, even slightly feminist, I think.)

I also read Do I Make Myself Clear?, which will be reviewed here soon. I didn’t enjoy The Prince Of Mist, by Carlos Ruiz Zafron, as much as I thought I would; the twist and the ending were so sad. (But it is really well written.) And, at the moment, I am reading The Chalk Man.


I wrote about going on a court reporting trip, which I really enjoyed.

I’m struggling a bit with Shorthand; I have achieved 60 words a minute, but getting to a 100 words a minute is so frustratingly just out of reach. (Practice makes perfect and all that jazz.) And I will admit that I have flung a pen or two across the room in frustration.

We also started Public Affairs; I love learning about the government. (Not necessarily local; it seems bizarrely byzantine.) If anyone wants to see a geeky party trick though, I can list all presidents since Herbert Hoover, and their party…

From the internet:

And to finish, here are some of my favourite pieces from around the internet. Be warned, though, some use expletives liberally:
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How was your April?

Lydia xo


  1. April 30, 2018 / 10:57 pm

    You’ve been super busy, it was an honour to feature on your blog this month, thanks for having me! I look forward to what is to come in May!

    • mademoisellewomen
      May 2, 2018 / 12:40 pm

      Yay, thanks Charlene! Hopefully there’ll be more to come soon..

    • mademoisellewomen
      May 2, 2018 / 12:38 pm

      No worries ❤️

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