Want to make a Filofax pretty?

Filofaxes. They need to be pretty, right? I went back to using mine recently; this was due to giving up on my Moleskine planner, and needing something that was a lot less bulky. However, I like to make the insides pretty; for today’s post, I thought I would show you how I do that.

You will need:

  • One Filofax.
  • Post its.
  • Paperclips.
  • Washi tape.
  • Stickers.
  • Personal paper. (Ticket stubs, photos, bookmark.)
  • Inserts and refills.
  • Dividers.
  • Envelopes.

First of: I decided to have the three sections of Diary, NCTJ, and Information, complete with dividers. These required their own inserts; an academic diary on two pages, finance inserts, and coloured notepaper.
In the front pocket, I added a few things:

There are post-its (for to do lists, reminders, etc). In the larger pocket, I also added an emergency detail card (with the medications I take, etc), and a flyer from an NUJ event. (Because, yes, journalistically I need inspiration now and again.)
The dividers also needed some new stickers, hence the cats.

For a weekly layout, I use Washi Tape; the glitter makes me smile just that little bit more. It also covers up mistakes when logging appointments, etc.
There are also stickers; the purple one shown in this picture is available to buy on the Dorkface Etsy shop. But they are particularly used for Blogging-such as reminding me when there is a blog chat, or when to schedule tweets. The other ones are by Personal Planner; they remind me of occasions such as birthdays.

The last thing I would like to show you is this envelope, and how to make a small folder to keep things in your Filofax.
Essentially; find an envelope that fits inside the covers of the Filofax. Then; punch holes in it, leaving the flap open. (So, punch the holes at the bottom of the envelope.) And you can stick anything in it! This is where I keep stickers. I also have another envelope at the front of my Filofax, for scraps of paper.

Have you seen my guest post over at Philofaxy? And if you need more inspiration, you should see this post.

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