Why I think Leveson Two Should Go Ahead.

From my viewpoint as a trainee journalist, this blog post is probably at odds with the majority of my industry. I know that Leveson Two is a controversial subject.But more and more, I think it should go ahead. Reasons? Numerous. This post is merely a select few.

Untold: The Daniel Morgan Murder. Although this is a podcast, there’s a true story at the very heart of it. And yet, to be blunt, I still think that this story (because there are many threads of events)  has yet to be completely sorted out. The alleged behaviour of some of the journalists in this podcast and book  is disgusting; I reviewed the book a little while ago.

Again, continuing with the thread of Untold; In The Belly Of The Beast.  This is a new series that is currently being crowdfunded for. John Ford alleges that he was a blagger for The Sunday Times; once the crowdfunding page has reached its limit, the podcast will (hopefully) reveal more about his allegations.  (You can view the trailer here. To donate to the crowd funding campaign, click here.)

The Manchester Arena Report. When this report was released, I was ashamed to be training as a journalist. The behaviour of some journalists mentioned in this report was horrific. (It’s worth noting that The Manchester Evening News was praised for its coverage.) Click here to read what IPSO had to say. And if you want to view the entire report, click here.
Continuing on from that; see this piece by Brian Cathcart, concerning popular misconceptions.

I wrote this post about going to a Hacked Off event at Parliament. What was striking about this as that there were several press abuse victims; they’d get up, addressing the room: “My name is X, and because of Y, Z is outside my house, photographing me house” was the sort of thing they’d say. How is this at all acceptable, let alone legal? This may be me just being empathetic, yet these intrusions were almost treated as being a mere fact of life. That needs to change.
The Lost Honour Of Christopher Jefferies is a Netflix documentary.

Jefferies, seen as an eccentric character, was named in connection with the murder of Joanna Yeates by newspapers-as in “he did it!” The documentary goes into detail about this; there was a large settlement from various papers in the end. Want to know more? Read this.  But events like this should not be allowed to happen; additionally, he wasn’t someone famous, or regarded as a ‘celebrity’.

These reasons are not exactly in depth; neither are they complex, concerning legal issues, etc. But these are just a few of the stories that interest me, and which I care about. To support Hacked Off by signing their petition, click here. And to donate to their judicial challenge, click here. 

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