February round up.

Update: where it says films, the film “I, Tonya” should also be added. 
February was a bit of a difficult month for me. I had been sick for a long time-due to the numerous bugs that have been going round. This meant going back and forth to the Doctor’s office, and trying to cope with my workload in between. But I am happy to report that I am better now!


I went up to the NCTJ Student Council conference! (So, when you’re on an NCTJ course, each class has a ‘Rep’ who reports to the council. For my course, that’s me.) This was in Birmingham-and meant making the longest trip I have ever undertaken solo. But: I got to meet lots of Editors, Journalists, and network! You can read about it here. 
Alistair Morgan, the author of Untold, also came to my course building to give a talk; out of respect for his privacy, I’m not going to blog about it. However, you should definitely listen to the Podcast and/or read the book. (But I was so excited for this-although I had to kick myself out of bed, due to tiredness as I was sick. He also signed my book!)
I also got to interview Sir Harold Evans for an assignment; I’ll be posting more about this later, however it was a very big deal for me.


This month, I gave up writing my column. (Various reasons-and I’m not going into it.) But I have written more for The Growing Up Guide, and my review of War Horse was posted on Brighton Girl. 

Media consumption:

I haven’t read as many books as I would like to, simply because I was very ill for the first two weeks of this month, and I have been busier than usual. I read two in the end: Good Times, Bad Times by Harold Evans (research purposes!), and Everything Is Lies by Helen Callaghan.
Books have not been my solace this month; I have been looking for something different, something different than the bog-standard thing written for people my age. (Carlos Ruiz Zafron is having his novel translated, which I have been eagerly awaiting for a long time-I can’t wait to read it. But until then, if you have any suggestions, do leave them in the comments.)
I also watched Black Panther and Darkest Hour at the cinema. (Black Panther I enjoyed for its diversity, but I thought the music during car chases was a bit anti climatic. Darkest Hour? Way too over-hyped. The portrait of Churchill is too patriotic, and doesn’t have the depth of character; I also think that parts of the film were misleading in terms of historical accuracy.) On Netflix, I watched The Lost Honour Of Christopher Jefferies; the things that happened to this man horrify me! The last film I watched was Back To The Future; I’ve also been gorging on boxsets as I work.


I think I’m getting on alright? I’m not sure where I am at yet, to be totally honest.
I took another sixty words per minute exam, however I think I didn’t pass it; my hands were shaking due to a late night, and I was very tired. But I know that I can do this-I have practiced and practiced-which makes it the more frustrating.
I’m struggling a little bit with Law, and I feel nervous about the exams; there is so much to memorise, in terms of statues, but there is also the theory. (E.g given a scenario such as working on a magazine, what would you do to avoid the risk of Defamation?)

Lets see what March brings.

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