Penclic Keyboard review; it's pretty, and manageable!

A little while ago, I posted about how technology can have a wonderful impact for people on spectrum (you can view it here.) That week, I had meant to review it-but I was not at all well. So, I thought today would be an apt opportunity for review šŸ˜€
I am a huge fan of technology. (I wouldn’t be a Blogger, otherwise!) But, I saw the Penclic keyboards over on Criddle Me This and…. the rest is history as the saying goes. These keyboards connect either by wire or by Bluetooth to your Tablet (dependent on model) or to your Desktop. The design is also to allow forĀ quieterĀ keys; perfect for commuting!

What I liked:

The packaging isĀ hot.Ā (Maybe that’s not the right word for it.) It was very similar toĀ AppleĀ in that respect; space conserving, slick, sophisticated. My excitement was palpable at opening.
Setting it up was also easy; unlike other ‘toys’ that I have previously possessed, it was so simple. I did not have to fuss with it, tinkering; it was complete in a flash.
Oh, and, it’s wonderful to type with. And that’s saying something from me, when I own a typewriter.

What could be improved:

The instructions were not particularly clear-it took me a little while longer than usual to work out how to set the keyboard up. (But I think that that’s okay, given where the keyboard is manufactured.)
I also think that it would have been better to have a slot for the tablet; the tablet I have, due to the case it’s in, has to be leant against a wall to stand up. (It slides and makes a horrible noise.)
The keyboard is also a little bit bulky; it’s a little bit too big for me to stick in a bag when moving round.


This is a BAMF piece of tech. (And no, if you don’t know what that means, I’m not going to explain; Google it.)
I love the feel of it; it is so gratifying. I also think that my relatives are grateful for the in-built noise suppression for typing feature. (I have a terrible habit of banging away when typing.)
What’s not to love? I feel that it has enhanced my life-and it’s so useful. If you’re on a budget and in need of some technology, this is for you.

Lydia XO

Buy the keyboard here.

Disclaimer: I was gifted the keyboard in this post, in exchange for review, and an agreed upon amount of posts featuring in. However, this post is my honest opinion-and does not constitute advertising. For more information visit the Disclaimer page.Ā 

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