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What is a fairly new invention that is a good place to get stories, as a journalist?

Asides from Twitter and Facebook, Blogs (in my opinion) are a great way to find stories. Whether it’s researching a particular topic, or just looking ideas, blogs offer up a wealth of information.
For that reason, I thought that I would share some of my favourites! These are written by journalists; they aren’t necessarily about journalism, however they offer good insights into the industry. Disclaimer: some of the blogs mentioned belong to my friends who are in-training to be journalists.

Writers district:

The Writer’s District belongs to my friend Chelsea; she is a brilliant journalist-in-training, who has a wonderfully descriptive style. Although her blog doesn’t seem to have a niche, my favourite post is The Itch Of Literature. This explains perfectly my feelings towards being a trainee journalist, and the industry as a whole. Click here to visit her blog. 

Criddle me this:

After Cristina Criddle followed me on Twitter, I just had to look at her website. Cristina is a BBC broadcast journalist, and her blog has a ‘day-in-the-life’ vibe I love. (Because, being noisy, that appeals to me.) One of my favourite posts is about her bag, and how it works well with her lifestyle. Click here to view her blog.

Jump for journalism:

An editor who I was pitching to approximately four or five years ago (yep-start early in Journalism!) said to read this blog. For a while, I also wrote for this blog. (My pen name was Annette Stevens.) My favourite post was “Journo friends: get them.” Because, yeah, that’s possibly the best advice someone can give you; your friends and contacts are what you need in the industry. Click here to view the blog. 

Hannah Gale:

Hannah Gale’s Twitter bio reads ‘Ex journalist’; obviously, this piqued my interest. Searching ‘journalist’ shows a wealth of posts-and a lot of them (I think) also ought to be passed on to trainees. “10 tips for getting into journalism” has various manageable tasks that all aspiring journalists can undertake; other notable posts include “Six things My Job As A Digital Journalist Taught Me About Writing”, and “Everything you need to know about becoming a professional Blogger or digital journalist”.  Click here to visit her blog. 

Muma On The Edge:

As with the Writer’s District, this blog is written by a classmate, Lyndsey. Lyndsey, I think, would make a brilliant court reporter-or at least a journalist dealing directly with people, such as with interviews. I think she is also incredibly empathetic, as reflective in this post-and it serves as a reminder that journalism is fundamentally about people. Click here to view her blog.

Claire Miller:

What do you do when you are stuck for ideas for Freedom Of Information requests, which will hopefully be a story? Well, you google ideas! This bought me to Claire’s blog, and this post. Click here to view her blog.

What other journalism blogs are you aware off? Comment below!

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