50 thoughts I have had about being on the Autism spectrum.

As I have said so before, I have a lot of thoughts going round inside my head at any given time.
So: here are 50 thoughts about being on the Autism spectrum.

  1. *On diagnosis* “Wasn’t it obvious?”
  2. “Don’t stop me now!!”
  3. “I don’t like myself very much today.”
  4. “I wish I was normal.”
  5. “This feels so powerful.”
  6. “Please, noise, STOPPP!”
  7. *Realisation* “It’s in the tone, not the words!”
  8. *Rocking as a form of stimming* “I feel better now”
  9. *Thinks about Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, on par with a special interest*
  10. “Just because I have special interests, it does not mean I am less of a person”
  11. “And just because I’m on spectrum, it does not mean I am less of a person”
  12. “No, your ‘intentions’ are not clear to me”
  13. “Yes, I KNOW I have an odd voice”
  14. “Yes, it was the one I was born with”
  15. *Sighs* “Yep, heard this joke before. It gets old quickly”.
  16. “Yes, I like being on Spectrum. I just dislike your intolerance.”
  17. “No, I am not cold, and I am not weird”
  18. “What is normal anyway?”
  19. “Screw normal!”
  20. “No, I will not conform.”
  21. “Why do you talk about boys so much? Can’t we talk about something else?”
  22. “What does your expression mean?”
  23. *Laughs* “Yes, be very scared when I can quote Sylvia Plath poetry at you!”
  24. “Yes, I have an odd laugh. Can’t we get over it?”
  25. “I don’t lie your tone.”
  26. “I don’t understand your tone.”
  28. “If I say I do not understand, do not just repeat the exact same words. It is SO UNHELPFUL!”
  29. “No, I am not the moron you make me out to be”
  30. “I have feelings too, you know.”
  31. “I’m also human.”
  32. “Do not use Autism as an insulting slur! How dare you!”
  33. “Never underestimate the things that we can do.”
  34. “You may think I am naive, but I am idealistic; at least I have not lost hope.”
  35. “I can do this”
  36. “What you are asking me to do is stupid. And reckless. I won’t do it.”
  37. *Asks inane questions*
  38. “You constantly praise my organisation, yet mock me… hmmm..”
  39. “I don’t know what is appropriate in this situation.”
  40. “Nope, still don’t know what to do.”
  41. “If people with Autism are an asset, why are we among the group who are the least employed?”
  42. “Why normalise us?”
  43. “Because, in essence, you are shooting yourself in the foot.”
  44. “I know you are wrong, but I’m not sure how to put this ti you without a negative reaction”
  45. *Wishes to be away in my bedroom with a book*
  46. “I wish I had a true friend”
  47. “Why is it that I apparently have to conform?”
  48. “I won’t.”
  49. “Ever”
  50. “No one on spectrum should ever have to apologise for being on spectrum, and for their characteristics.”

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