January round up.

January was… well, a busy month. But is was also ‘blue’, being the start of the year, it was raining a lot of the time, and everything seemed… blah. So: for this months round up…

Pieces published: 

I finally started to make headway with bylines! (At long last.) This was good in the sense that I was worrying about having enough pieces for my assessed portfolio. Anyway: I had two album reviews published by BN1, a column for the Mid Sussex Times, a guest post for Autistic UK, and several for The Growing Up Guide.

Books read: 

I read Untold by Peter Jukes and Alistair Morgan, My Paperchase by Sir Harold Evans, and (as I’m writing this), I’m finishing Brain On Fire. I enjoyed My Paperchase the best-and I think it should be made into a Netflix boxset For the 100 books in a year challenge, I’m further behind then I wished to be, but I haven’t been as interested in reading as normal.


I went to the Brighton Museum & Art Gallery, in order to review an exhibit with my class. As I write this, I’ll also be going to the press viewing of War Horse in Brighton.


The issue with my glassed has finally been sorted out! And I am so excited, because when I get the new frames, I’ll be able to see, and without the pain caused by being-fitted.


I saw more films than usual at the cinema; my favourite was The Post. (Because: journalists + scandal + American politics = brilliant.) I was not a fan of The Greatest Showman (bit too overdone, and too many songs). I was not sure what to think about All The Money In The World; I think it suffered from having to be re-shot.

How was your January?

Lydia XO



  1. Lisa's Notebook
    February 1, 2018 / 9:38 am

    Fab round up, Lydia! I’m so thrilled you’ve been getting published, really well done, huge congratulations 🙂 and that the issue with your glasses has been sorted out. I’m rather jealous of you going to War Horse – looking forward to your review of that in due course, please! xx

    • February 12, 2018 / 4:07 pm

      I’ll review it when I have the time-currently preparing for exams. (80 words a minute Shorthand, Law and Court Reporting.) Maybe in the February round up I’ll link up if they are online 😀

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