Deciding what to do as a journalist.

“And what would you like to do in the industry, if you graduate?”

It’s a question that I get asked a lot. Because: just what would you like to do as a journalist? And I’m still wrestling with it. And since I started the course, my ambition has since changed.
You see, I love the idea of Investigative journalism; I think that this is illustrated furthermore by the fact that Harry Evans is my hero. (I would love to meet him.) I wrote about why I am bothering to be a journalist a little while ago, explaining this further.
But; how do investigative journalists get their scoops? (Where do the tip offs come from? How do you get the information? Besides: as a Blogger, I’m not sure how I can go about investigating international scandals. I’m not on a paper or magazine, neither do I have a staff job.)
I like the idea of methodically writing, researching, getting the information; fits my sensibilities, as well as having Aspergers, doesn’t it?
There’s also the idea of.. helping people. Again, citing Evans: he helped the Thalidomide children, because what happened is disgusting. I think that that is commendable because he did that as Editor of The Sunday Times, whilst there were a lot of hurdles to overcome. There’s also Untold, a brilliant podcast; I think that the family involved needed a journalist, or a team at least, to help them.
But: I also admire Caitlin Moran.
The slightly mouthy journalist contributes columns to The Times; however, she is also an accomplished author. I loved How To Be A Woman, and got to meet her back when Moranifesto was released. I like the idea of being a National columnist.
And then: Lesley Ann Jones. She got to go and tour with some brilliant Rock bands-including Queen-and interviewed people such as David Bowie and Micheal Jackson. I love music, Rock in particular; reviewing concerts, albums, and interviewing musicians sounds a lot of fun to me.
I also really like the idea of Crime reporter; ever since I read The Child by Fiona Barton, I was intrigued by how an injustice was uncovered.

How do you decide what to do when becoming a journalist?


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