They are not your friend if..

They are not your friend if..

Rumours are spread behind your back-sometimes with something privately said in them-that make you feel bad.

You are left out of social events.

If you are left out of gift exchanges.

You are made fun of for the way you dress. (Because, yeah, apparently I dress as if I’m going to a wedding.) This also applies if you are told explicitly to dress a certain way, or told to get rid of a particular garment.

The clique is unaccepting of you.

You are just talked to, in order to gain answers for a test, then mocked and/or ignored.

You are told that your work is bad, awful, or somebody doesn’t like it, when in fact they do.

You are order about, to do something that you do not wish to do.

Your career choice is deplored. (Because apparently being a journalist is “terrible”, and that you can never achieve it. Someone said this to me, long ago.)

You are told you’re ugly. Daily. For months, no years, on end.

If you are left out on social media, in reality, or in general.

You are told to continually change something that X does not like. (“You should wear contacts”, “Why don’t you get rid of your glasses?”)

For months on end, you are told that you are ugly.

You don’t conform, and x,y,or z has an issue with that. (Because individuality is originality, and that’s pretty cool if you ask me.)

You are used for financial gain.

You are continually embarrassed in front of other people.

But that’s the thing; I have learnt what a friend is, sort of. This list is mainly derived from experience from approximately age 8-18, although it may be in terms of negatives.  But, since I left mainstream education, I have met some of the kindest people I could ever hope to meet. And I am grateful that I have.

And as the Anastacia song says: “I am rising high/ I’m stronger than I’ve been before/ Not picking up sticks/ not picking up stones/One more but getting less/ Some may come and some may go
/ I’m done feeling like a mess” Dramatic, cliched, yes, but it illustrates my thoughts exactly.

Lydia xo