Bucket list for 2018.

Over on Twitter, I gave my followers the chance to vote on some Blogmas posts that could be written up. One of them was “Bucket list for 2018”.
Every year, I usually set myself a list of goals to achieve throughout the year. I also set myself one big, ongoing challenge to complete-this year it was to blog daily. (Though some of the posts have since been deleted, to create a better niche, and to improve my DA.) Having challenges and goals keeps me on track-a way of putting order to a world that, from my viewpoint of having Aspergers, can be chaotic. Without further ado..
Challenge: Read 100 books within a year. (They have to be separate, and cannot be re-read to count.) Or try to get as close as possible… This includes Good Times, Bad Times by Harold Evans, my hero.
Get better at Shorthand, and pass my 100 wpm. (There was a wonderful resource I found about this, see it here.) Shorthand is probably the bane of my life.. so, I need to practice.
Visit Peggy Porschen, the cake shop that every Blogger seems to have visited this year. (Their collective Instagram feed always makes me feel really hungry! Have you seen their menu? It looks lovely! See it here.)
Swim in a waterfall, maybe. My pen pal did, and it looks awesome!
Learn to make better flatly photos.
Take great care of myself. As I have written before, I am very clumsy, and I lack awareness of myself to my surroundings. (Want to read more? See my post here.) So, in 2018, I’ll try to take great care of myself-so, making self care more important, slowing down, etc. Jenny from Jenny In Neverland wrote this 10 beneficial things you can do for yourself, which I’ll be taking on board.  Scarlett from Scarlett London also wrote 10 Ways To Improve Body Confidence. 
Read Everything Is Lies by Helen Callaghan; I was lucky enough to interview her earlier this year.
Try Dr PawPaw Shea Butter Balm. Because Dr Paw Paw is one of the only beauty products I use, having discovered and reviewed it earlier this year… Shea butter sounds wonderful! It is also a really versatile product, and can do more than just act as a balm. (See my hacks here.)
Get a Domain Authority of 20 or more. Currently I’m at seventeen.
Try to sleep better. Because when stress takes over, I often end up, awake, to the early hours. It’s not good.
Get organised. Rather than being chaotic about it-my Filofax ended up stuffed by November-I’m looking for a system that is neat, keeps more organised, and what doesn’t need a lot of maintenance. If you would like to see a brilliant Filofax blog post, click here. 

Happy new year!

Lydia XO