What's in my notebook? An Instagram special post.

Like any Blogger, I use Instagram; although I have not got many followers, I feel like it’s a good interactive tool. Occasionally I ask you wonderful lot what you would like to read: “What’s in my notebook?” won out. This is what today’s post is about.

Recently, I was lucky enough to receive this set from Say Nice Things, a small business company that puts a lot of thought into their products. (Don’t believe me? Read this!)To read the set review, go back to the post from three days ago.
I chose the A5 to be my next jotter.


I have a lot of ideas. All. The. Time. But if I did not write them down, I would forget something really integral-like potential questions for a possible corruption talk at my course. (More on that in the new year.)
As I have written time and time again, I also have a need to plan, because of my Aspergers. Micro-managing allows to put structure into my routine, and therefore avoid what could be termed as a meltdown. (Again, more about. that in the new year.)

Jotter divison:

What makes this notebook a bit more unique than the average is the division inside:

The back has plan notebook paper, and the front has various squares, etc-to go with the post-it box that comes with the set. All of this is divided by a wonderful piece of pink card, bisecting the two sections from each other.


A lot of the focus of this notebook was planning for 2018, and keeping lists of seemingly inane things.

At the front is my ‘Media calendar’, as you can see in the centre image. Each page is dedicated to a month, with any events, blog collaborations, stories due, book or CD releases, listed. January already looks lie it is going to be a full-on month already!
After this, each page is dedicated to a theme within the blog, with potential post ideas listed. (Because, spoiler: writing daily this year has seriously rumbled my ideas.)

And at the back?

  • Film list
  • Book list
  • Notes about someone I’m interviewing next year
  • Notes about the corruption talk
  • Ideas for a website I freelance for
  • NCTJ course pitch ideas

And a whole lot more! (Some cannot be mentioned for privacy reasons.)

If you would like to get involved with deciding content, or seeing what I do behind the scenes on this blog, why not follow me on Instagram? 

Lydia XO

N.B: Since writing this post, I have since changed notebooks! Because, yes, I am a notebook fiend.

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  1. March 13, 2018 / 12:28 pm

    Oooh fascinating.
    I love the look of these notebooks.
    I’m terrible at getting notebooks and either leaving them pristine or jotting on only a few pages.

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