Box Swap: A Stationery Exchange With Envy Fisher.

Happy Christmas Day everyone!

I do appreciate that not everyone will be online today; so, continuing with the ‘Blogmas’ theme, I thought I would show you my festive box swap!

Envy Fisher is a Blogger at Lost In Translation; she is also my pen pal. At her suggestion, the theme was Stationery-and, as a compulsive writer and notebook fiend, I could not have been happier.

(I also really enjoy reading her travel posts; someone, sign this lady up as a travel writer already!)

What I got:

I got…

  • Four notebooks
  • Two pens
  • A stamp
  • A Christmas card (handmade, I might add!)
  • Cat Stickers
  • A post card
  • Three envelops

The envelopes:

The envelopes are particularly special; Envy runs a small shop, and these are one of the products you can buy. She make them herself-and you can add specifications about what sort of paper, what pattern, etc. Don’t believe me? Read this.

What I plan to do with the stationery:

I am always in need of a new notebook it seems, though I never get to the end of them…. Hmm.. Anyway: The spiral bound brown notebook is now my jotter. (I cart a notebook round with me everywhere I go, to jot on-the-go; I could miss some important idea, people! That cannot happen!)

I also plan on keeping a poetry album throughout 2018.. because I always find scraps of verse that I have been working on, and it could all go into one volume. Besides, it’s a poetry collection in the making!

Envy is also trying her hardest to teach me Dutch via our letters. (I’m a terrible student. Better stick to writing!) I may take up a notebook with my ‘lessons’. Go old school.

I also love the pens; they are quite unlike anything I have seen before! I thought that they were pencils-but you click what you would have thought was the Rubber, in order to get to the biro… My handbag has a collection of pens. In they went!

Happy Christmas everyone!


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