Stocking Fillers For Relatives*

Disclaimer: this post contains PR samples, which I requested, for purpose of my own review. What follows is my own opinion. 
Today is Christmas Eve. And I dare say that a few of the people I know are leaving potential shopping to the last minute. So: utilising my organisational skills, I have compiled a list of last minute stocking fillers for relatives. (Similarly, Aspergers means I do not always understand what to give people, so I tried to compile a list to help people who may be thinking the same time.)



Chateau Rouge is a brand that sells delicious food ‘toppings’ such as jam (seen here.) The packaging is retro, the pots a smallish sizes-enough for a handbag-and it smells so good. This is a brand that also spells sophistication. To browse jam sets, see this link. 
Bloomtown is a brand that creates beauty products that are not tested on animals, as well as going without palm oil. This year, they have Christmas baubles. I love the baubles for their packaging-as they are so glossy. Plus, they also have a surprise gift;  I received a scrub flavoured by blood-orange. (It smelt so good!) You can buy the set here.
The Pen Company also sells a lot of pens; I cannot emphasise this enough. I received this fountain pen, which has an element of novelty; you can also have it personalised.


My sister likes beauty. In fact, I would go as far as to say she LOVES it a lot. Throw is some chocolate, and you can’t not win sibling Brownie points.

Supertreats is a brand who wish to create alternatives to Chocolate. These bars are without the refined sugar; and the taste delicious! They are a great snack for on the go, and with relatively neat packing. Buy here.
Mad Beauty, in my *humble* opinion, should be the go-to place for any beauty fan. They have a variety of products, for a relatively cheap price, and to fit all budget. Essentially, this website has something for everyone. (I even posted about it in November.) Visit their site to browse. 


I will admit that at this point, I was a bit stuck for inspiration. That’s why I was very grateful for Pocket Notebooks.
They sell a variety of notebooks to appeal to everyone; to buy the reporters pad, click here. To buy the Rohdia notebook, click here. And to browse the rest of the website, click here. 


For this section, I was trying to bring in ideas that were bright, colourful, generally healthy, etc.So, from left to right:

As I have already posted, Say Nice Things is a wonderful brand; you can see my first ever post about them. I also recently reviewed the package they sent me. Anyway: the essentials kit could be wonderful for a child, even a potentially older student. They are great for organisation. (The A5 is now a fixture in my handbag.)
I was gifted this hot water bottle cushion by Hot Water Bottle Shop. I use it for sleep related problems; stick it in the microwave for 90 seconds to heat up, and you’re done. Whilst I can’t seem to find the link for this specific product, you can browse their products for sleeping problems here. (I was thinking, you know, if you have a small child who doesn’t always sleep; they also have a selection of colourful cuddly toys.)
Finally: Ugly Drinks. Sparkling water (flavoured, of course) in a pretty can! They taste good, and do not have the usual chemicals you could find in a fizzy drink. You can buy them here. And to see more about the ingredients, click here. 


That Lovely Stuff is a wonderful small business enterprise by a collective of Mothers, which is one of the main reasons as to why I was interested to work with them.
For a friend, this bracelet is divine.. It is delicate, dainty, and even has charms. By buying, you will be supporting a wonderful business venture.
You can like their Facebook page by clicking here. 


Project Lingerie is a brand that I reviewed not too long ago; however, I think that a one-off box would be a wonderful stocking filler for a partner. You can choose what you wish for here.
There is also an option for men, which you can see here. 

I hope you have a good day tomorrow, with plenty to eat, and with the gifts you wish to receive.


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