Say Nice Things: The Ultimate Christmas Present!*

Disclaimer: this post contains PR samples, which I requested for purpose of review. 
Earlier this year, I was lucky enough to work with Say Nice Things, the fairly new and upcoming stationery brand; anyway, they sent me a Christmas present!

The Wrapping paper is part of a set; similarly, the Christmas card (click here to see more) is also. I really liked the wrapping paper, as it was fairly thick, protecting what was inside; it also made a nice ‘crack’ when opened. (Buy it here.)

What’s inside? 

This is one of the newly released stationery sets by Say Nice Things; there’s two in the range of ‘Essentials’. This set is called ‘Candy’, matching the pearly pink exterior.  (Click here to buy.) There was also a wonderful, hand-signed Christmas card. (Brands, take note: with Bloggers, these win you serious brownie points!)


As already said, I really liked the packaging; the wrapping paper makes part of a set, and is fairly thick, thus protecting what is Innside. I also really liked the design; simplistic in nature, it is also seemingly sophisticated.
In terms of sensory needs, I also liked the design; it was not too patterned, and also had a really nice feel. (If there’s too much of a design, I tend to fixate on design. If it’s too colourful, or too bright, whatever, this can contribute to what can be called meltdowns, for me. I’ll post about this more in the new year, or possibly this month.)


I am a notebook fiend. Really. So it was lucky that this package arrived at the time it did; I had finished a rather messy notebook.
I like the feel of these notebooks’ the pearly pink covers seemingly have a sheen for a cover-it’s so smooth! The design is also minimalistic again; as an Apple slogan once said “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. (Or something.)


These notebooks are unlike anything else, because, obviously, they’re by Say Nice Things. Apart from the tiny pad, these are divided into two sections.
The first has I’m-print designs in the page, designed to match the post-it set that comes with. (For instance, the squares match the post-its, and the rectangles are for markers.) This is useful for me; my current carry-round notebook is the A5. This section has allowed me to set out editorial pieces I’m writing, month by month. It’s a media calendar-what events, releases, are going on, and when copy is needed.
Section two is ruled paper. Here is my jotter; films lists, books lists, research notes, questions, jotted phone numbers..


I love the division of the notebooks; it allows me to be a bit more tidy than usual. I can see when my pieces are due, or when a new book is being released.
For me, this is one of the ultimate Christmas gifts that could be given this year; as someone with Aspergers, this allows me to have a bit more structure to my day. (Always a bonus to me!)
It’s also good for anyone who is not on the Spectrum; it’s a great organisational tool, excellent for any student or parent.

Buy the wrapping paper set here. To see more about the Christmas cards, click here.  To buy the set of notebooks, click here. 

Say Nice Things also has a great blog; click here to find out how to control Christmas chaos! 


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  1. December 23, 2017 / 1:42 pm

    “I am a notebook fiend.” – This made me chuckle. I’m a notebook fiend too. There should be a saying in a similar vein to ‘moths to a flame’, only it could be ‘aspies to a notebook’. I could quite easily replace the latter with pens, journals, planners and so forth! Merry Christmas, Lydia. Hope it’s all you want it to be.

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