What to buy a Blogger for Christmas? *

Disclaimer: this post contains PR samples, which I was gifted at my own request. I was also gifted an item to feature a different item. This post contains my honest opinion. 
Over on The Bloglancer, I saw this post, which inspired today’s post. In a way, Blogging is the perfect hobby for someone like me; Aspergers means that I find social interaction hard, and noises can be intrusive at times.
Relatives aren’t always sure as to what being a Blogger means; so, this is my Christmas gift guide as to what to buy a Blogger for Christmas! (With insights thrown in, of course.)


There’s a lot in personalisation; after all, we write for ourselves, but our blogs are effectively our own brand. They are personal to us, meaning that it’s almost like our on private space. (No, they are not just a hobby to some of us.) Personalisation means a lot; don’t believe me? You need to read this piece.
Anna Calvert creates her own jewellery; this necklace can be personalised with an initial. 


Blogging can be quite hard work, after all! it’s not just post a selfie, write 50 words, and post it. We cultivate content, brainstorm ideas, schedule posts, keep up a social media presence, add plugins, undertake CEO measures, network, and more.

Brain Fud is a brand designed to give you energy. (I’ll be writing more about them in the new year.) However, their packaging is really cool-quite bright-and is good value for money.
Super Treats sells chocolate without refined sugar; and it tastes so good! (It is also small, so very moderate in size; it means that you feel full with just the one bar.) It also fits into your handbag and pocket! *Ideal* You can buy it here.
Hippeas is a brand that I have worked with at various points throughout this year; you can see how I think their wonderful for people with sensory issues here. But this brand is also incredibly instagrammable! Again, it also fits in your handbag, and makes a yummy snack. Buy it here. 
Ugly Drinks is a brand keen on exposing #theuglytruth ; rather than being a brand that relies on sugar, chemicals, etc, they don’t! And they taste great! They go well in a handbag, look good on Instagram, and keep you going. Want it? Buy a can or two via this link. 


Blogging takes a lot of creativity; it is not as if we blog about the same, generic topic. We are constantly thinking of way to be original, creating unique content, and dreaming up ways to make our blogs better. What is needed more than a notebook?!

Pocket Notebooks sells a variety of notebooks for you to choose from; they have something to suit everyone!
The orange notebook (above) is by Rhodia; I love the colour, and it is big enough for my terribly messy and big handwriting! It’s also small enough to fit in your pocket, and there’s a pocket at the back for you to keep any clippings. And you can can choose from a range of colours!


C/O Katherena

Katherena is a fairly newish start-up, the USP being that items sold are practical as well as stylish. (This is something in particular that I love!) It’s a bit more costly, but worth it. Buy it here.


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