Guest Post: My Kind Of Christmas by Charlene McElhinney.

This is a guest post, written by Charlene McElhinney; you can view her blog by clicking here. 
Most people look forward to Christmas for the dinner, for the family reunion, for the festivities, the drink and the presents. Me? I look forward to spreading gifts across the living room floor and waiting eagerly for my parents in turn to open one at a time, the way they did with us when we were little. I look forward to my Christmas special episode of Coronation Street. I look forward to getting in to my new pyjamas; I don’t look forward to dressing up. I look forward to all of the little things. The insignificant things. The things we often take for granted.
Christmas isn’t the same when you lose a loved one.
I used to hate when people used the term ‘x-mas’ instead of Christmas and now it doesn’t phase me. I used to set an alarm and get up super early so I could make the most of the day and now I don’t bother. I used to think Christmas was the greatest time of the year and now I can’t wait for it to be over but somehow it’s here again before it’s even had a chance to finish. I used to look forward to doing a Christmas cracker with my Gran but now I can’t. It’s not the same with anyone else.
My kind of Christmas is being surrounded by my nearest and dearest, waiting patiently for Coronation Street to start, maybe partially watching Christmas films throughout the day. My kind of Christmas is checking social media to see what all my friends and followers are getting up to. My kind of Christmas is sitting awkwardly at a table with family who are eating scary food and I eat just as I would any other day. My kind of Christmas isn’t anything special but if you were to take it away from me – I would be totally lost.

What’s your kind of Christmas?

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