What do you buy a journalist for Christmas?*

Disclaimer: this post contains PR samples. All that I have been gifted was at my own request, and my opinions are my own.  
“What do you get a journalist for Christmas?” is something that I have been musing about this week; largely because I get to hang round a lot of them, but also because I am one myself. (Sort of.) Anyway: as part of my Christmas content, I thought I would put together a gift guide for all you ‘journo’ people!
Reporter’s notebook. *

I was gifted this from Pocket Notebooks; needless to say, it’ll come to such good use. In nearly three months, I have used two of these-because after all, I practice shorthand daily. If you know a Journalist who practices Shorthand, these notebooks are ideal! (And I love the retro feel of this.) See it, and buy it, here.
A book about the industry. 
A biography is something that I love to sink my teeth into. I also love thriller’s with a journalist at the centre. (Has anyone read anything by Fiona Barton? Her novels are immense!) My personal ‘journo’ hero is Harold Evans-the editor who helped expose the Thalidomide scandal. This man lead an amazing life! You can see all his books here. Another great journalist is Lesley Ann Jones; click here to find out more about her book. 
A fancy pen. *
For me, the novelty of a new pen doesn’t wear off; I also accumulate a collection of pens, wherever I go. The Pen Company gifted me this fancy pen:

It’s shiny, blue, and makes my handwriting look, well, legible. For once. You can also personalise the pen-the colour, type, with engraving, etc. Plus: the differing ink colours has a lot of variation. The pen you create is therefore all your own. Click here to see it. 
A T-shirt.
Okay, so this is slightly ocular.. A quick search of Amazon reveals some quirky t-shirts. To the average layperson, what is a journalist? ‘A fact finding Ninja’ according to this shirt. Or: if you wish to save a journalist, this shirt has the ideal solution.
Energy. *

Because some of us work hard, you know! Brain Fud is a brand that was founded by a man called Philip, who struggled with chronic fatigue due to sickle cell. (This is under ‘Our story’ on the website.) So, these are drinks are designed to do exactly that-and I will be reviewing them in a full post in the new year. Click here to buy. They also have a blog, and are regularly looking for writers.


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  1. Isabel
    December 14, 2017 / 2:46 pm

    Aah, my dad was a journalist so this got me a bit misty eyed- we often would present him with little notebooks and pretty pens. 😊 I definitely want to give the Brain Fud drinks a go as I do struggle with fatigue but haven’t got on with traditional energy drinks.

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