My Christmas shopping Fear.

* For this post, I’m going to talk you through one of my greatest fears as somebody with Aspergers Syndrome.

Shopping. Shopping… SHOPPING!

Sorry. (Because, yeah, it looks as if I’m shouting.) But shopping; personally I find it very dull, but also incredibly scary, particularly at Christmas. *Insert horror gif here.*
Stereotypically, we all familiar with the ‘Christmas scenario’, aren’t we? The mad dash, so many shoppers crammed into one room, the overly hot temperate, people pushing and shoving, trying to snatch a gift for people, and just the general loss of our collective dignity.
Though I have never been personally involved in this sort of scenario, I can’t say that I enjoy shopping, or the prospect of it. I would rather be tucked up in ‘my library’, reading all day, with my cat and a glass of Elderflower. (And, yes, my nickname is Crazy Cat Lady.) And this is all linked in with my Asperger’s..
Christmas Shopping.png
As I have blogged about several times before, I cannot stand excessive noise; the tapping of keys, cluttering cutlery, shouting, music thumping with the baseline, all at once. It means I cannot thin straight, my thoughts become blocked, I can’t always articulate what I’m trying to say, I feel anxious, upset..
Aspergers, people! (It has its cons.) And the thing is, a lot of people think that I’m being too oversensitive about the issue;” just what is the problem here?” is what they seem to wish to ask. Because noise we should be able to filter apparently.
So, what to do instead?
1. Shop online!
Shopping online means we get to completely stay away from what is probably my nightmare scenario.. Although this does mean having to be organised with timings, in terms of delivery dates. Etsy also has some great bargains.
2. Get creative.
Personally, I love to crochet-although I do it in a very different way to what people would expect. In terms of Christmas gifts, why not create something? You could do a very simple DIY, learn a new skill, and have such great satisfaction whilst doing it 🙂
3. Turn to Pinterest. (See above point about DIY.)
This site is great! And I could browse it for hours.. there are all sorts of tutorials, some incredibly easy. Two favourites I found on there are: Gingerbread bath bombs (click here to view), and leaf fairy lights (click here to view.)
4. Bake.
Because who doesn’t love food as a gift?! Virtually every Blogger going has a recipe or two-even me, the one who doesn’t bake that much! You could use, test, and then trial their recipes as gifts. Click here to find out how to bake a 3D Christmas Tree biscuit. 
5. Get creative ‘n’ create your own wrapping paper.
At least this way there’ll be one less thing to buy, and it will have far more of a personal touch. Abbie from Abbie Chic posted about creating wrapping paper (click here to view)  ; why not take a leaf out of her book? And the now defunct blog Gem Fatale also has a great tutorial (click here to view) along the same lines.
Do you fear shopping like me? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below,
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Click here to see Dorkface’s shopping survival guide. 

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