My favourite Christmas blog posts.


Following on with the Blogmas theme this month, I thought it would be best to share with you some posts from other Blogs. In this age of fake news, abuse (aka trolling) online, and just a general dreary climate, these posts are supposed to be vaguely cheery, positive, and useful.

Blogmas post ideas  is a post by Abbey Louisa Rose; to be honest, it’s brilliant for a Blogger. If, like me, you post daily-or at least regularly-sometimes ideas can run out, as well as inspiration. This post was so useful in planning Blogmas. Similarly, she has also written this post about how to create a gift bow for your presents. This previous post also reflects her feelings as to why she wasn’t doing Blogmas, similar as to why I did not do Blogtober this year. 

Cristina Criddle is a journalist for the BBC; she followed me on Twitter, which is how I found her blog. Anyway, I am loving her gift guides this year-her guide for professionals shows her skill at creating wonderful flatlys. It also showcases some wonderful products.

Gala Darling’s older posts are also worthwhile going down memory lane for.. This post is a Christmas gift guide from a few years ago, and has some great suggestions.

And, to finish off; Faz recently wrote this post about not celebrating Christmas, and what she does instead. Because, well, it’s worthwhile to remember people who also don’t celebrate Christmas.

Being cheerful is not always innate to me; I think the this comes from my frustration at being on the Autism spectrum. Therefore, I wish to change this, and putting this together was just a step that way.

Seasons greetings!

Lydia XO

5 thoughts on “My favourite Christmas blog posts.

  1. envyfisher says:

    I feel like I’m missing out on a bit of the Christmas cheer by not doing Blogmas, but hey, work is more important at the moment and there’s posts like these to make up for it 🙂

    x Envy


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