What do you get someone with Aspergers for Christmas?*

Disclaimer: the items in this post were gifted to me at my own request, for the purpose of review. What follows is my honest opinion. Pricing also varies in these guides, as a way to to match varying budgets. 
“What do you get someone with Aspergers?” is.. well, a hard question to answer. As a spectrum condition, everyone who has Aspergers is different, and their traits are different in some respects. Therefore, I have collaborated with various brands for today’s post; this is a Christmas gift guide, with the products tested for sensory issues, flavour, practicality, and function.

Pocket notebooks is an awesome brand , and I am lucky enough to have worked with them before. (They gifted me the above notebooks.) The Reporter’s Notebook (with ‘WRITE’ across the front), I currently find the most useful, as a Journalism student. (Buy it here.) The orange notebook, however, is my favourite, as the cover is smooth-not to set off my hypersensitivity issues-and is compact enough for my bag, as it’s so small. (Want it? There’s so many colours! See it here.) 
A novelty pen. 

The Pen Company is one of my new favourite brands-because a company dedicated largely to pens is always going to get my vote of confidence. #aspiringjourno I think that a pen is a really useful tool-and as an Autistic female, it helps me communicate more, and express myself more. The Pen Company sell this pen, which you can have personalised. Oh, and this ink is cute, too!

I’m not the fashionable type. But I have a lot of stuff to carry to my lectures. In comes Yourdesign!  This Fashion Backpack is light in design, and again can be personalised. It also is very roomy. Oh, and you blend in as well! (See it here.) Want to see what I keep in my bag? See this post. Want a fuller review? See it here. 

Anna is a jewellery maker, and, quite frankly, her designs are beautiful. Her website offers a wide variety of options; the personalised silver necklace is a particular favourite of mine. Delicate, as well as personal to me, it does not kickstart my hypersensitivity issues. (For example, with some necklaces, the chains feel lie they clip my neck, or it can itch-enough for my skin to become inflamed.) This necklace is wonderful in that respect. You can see it here. 
Hot Water Bottle. 

Hot Water Bottle Shop gifted me this wonderful heatable bottle, and, so far, it has been wonderful. This you just pop into the microwave for ninety seconds-you don’t even have to put water in it-and then, it stays warm for ages! This is used as a stress relief mechanism, as well as for sleeping problems. The lavender smell of this bottle, and the heat, has been really effective for me. To buy from their pain and ache relief products, click here. To buy from their stress relief and sleeping problems collection, click here. 

I’ll be continuing this series of gift guides-along with stocking fillers-later on. There’ll be more brands to choose from! Happy Christmas,


  1. December 6, 2017 / 8:51 pm

    You’re so right about notepads and pens – a real treat for me would be a Moleskin organizer. I would also add books to your list. I have an Amazon Wishlist, so when anyone asks what I want for Christmas, I just send them the link! 🙂

    • December 7, 2017 / 3:25 pm

      The thing about books is that I have a lot to read… and the post would be far too long! I’m really hoping for a moleskine this year, as my Filofax is so messy.. But Amazon sounds like a good call!

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