A planner wishlist for Christmas.

As I have written time and time again, planning is very important to me; it helps to keep anxious feelings at bay, and to manage my Aspergers. (Basically: I live to a sort of regimented timetable, in that I do not like to be late, and have to be early.If you’d like to read a great post about this, pleases) Planning even has its own section on my blog. (Click here to view.)
Anyway: this year, I’ll be asking Santa for a new planner. And no, it’s not a Filofax. *Shock, horror!*
My Filofax has become a disorganised mess this year-and there is hardly any room to jot details I may need. (As I write this, I have my pink moleskin notebook open in front of me.) Gala Darling wrote this post a few years ago about why she changed to a Filofax, instead of a Moleskine-but for me, it was the inverse.
I’d love a daily moleskine planner for Christmas; you can personalise your own by clicking here.  It would be large, black, hard cover, and with my name. (I would have had a song lyric, but there wasn’t enough characters.) The letters would also be upright and silver, not gold.
Then… what about the personalisation for inside?
I’m glad you asked!
Dorkface has some wonderful stickers on her etsy shop for Blog planning; click here to view.  I think that they look brilliant in purple-and they’d be useful in planning out what to post, etc more methodically. Plus, they’re purple; so shiny!
And as to quick notes? These post-it notes look ideal, far more colourful than the average bland yellow I use.
Finally: pens! Because I have a ‘thing’ for pens-seemingly, I collect them. The Pen Company has wonderful pens-and quite the range as well. This Sheaffer pen in black would co-ordinate perfectly-and plus, it can have your name engraved on it! I’d like it to be a rollerball, as apparently fountain pens do not go too well with a moleskin planner, as the paper is too thin.


  1. December 4, 2017 / 3:58 pm

    I have been obsessed with planners as well and it’s great to know I’m not alone haha. Great post!!

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