Guest Post: Christmas With Depression And Anxiety, by Taryn Of She Hangs Brightly.

After various callouts on Twitter, Taryn from She Hangs Brightly (click here to view) sent me this guest post to share with you all. 

Hi !

So Christmas is a time of joy, family, and presents (don’t forget them presents!) However it is a time that depression and anxiety can make it’s full entrance at the wrong time. Speaking from experience, Christmas Day can be a minefield for a person that is suffering from D&A.
The first stress factor is getting presents for everyone. Do you really need to get that present for your neighbours cousin’s boyfriend? No you do not. Send out cards, and get gifts for the people that really matter in your life.
The second stress factor is work. A lot of people work right up to the day (unless you are very lucky and for that I hate you lol) and often on the day itself are too wiped out to enjoy the day. Take time through the month to give yourself self care, and don’t push yourself trying to attend every Christmas event out there.
The third is where you are spending the day. Often family comes into this, with pressures perhaps real or imagined taking place. You have to ask yourself what you want out of the day. Do you want to have a chilled out day or a full day of family and food? It is your day too, and you need to look after yourself. I like to do both, where I have the loudness for awhile, then a bit of quiet time to recharge, often taking a walk after dinner if I can to get out the house and get a bit of fresh air. Make it work for you as it’s your health that matters.
The fourth is FOMO. There are lot of a great events on around Christmas, such as Christmas markets, dinners, parties, celebrities turning on lights, carolling, the list goes on. The problem is when you want to go to everything, and start to overwhelm yourself. Pick and choose your events over the holiday season, as you will be more tired over the month of December.
So here are a few tips for the December/Christmas extravaganza:

  1. Sleep well, Hydrate, Eat right (I know, it’s mundane, but try to eat some veggies and fruits).
  2. Say yes to events you really want to go to, and no to events that you don’t. There are sometimes obligatory things that happen around this time of year but really, it’s your health that matters and you need to pace yourself.
  3. Take time out over December to meditate, do yoga, run, what ever you do to relax. Make sure you get that alone time to really take in the moment and get your breath back.
  4. Remember it is only one day. Go into it expecting the best, and you shouldn’t be disappointed.
  5. Take in the moments over the day, and you will be surprised at how many make you feel good and that you feel you may have missed previous years!

Happy Christmas everyone and hope you all get unicorns in your stockings!
T xx

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