Christmas Cards Exchange Project.


This year, I have really become engrossed with writing; no, scratch that, I am in love with writing. Be it letters, columns, a daily post, words are intoxicating, almost. So: this was part of the inspiration behind my Christmas Card Exchange Project!

I got to work with one of my favourite stationery brands, Say Nice Things. (See my review here.) They sent me the above set of pretty Christmas postcards-which, really, I could not keep for myself. (You can buy them here.) But an idea was hatched!
I connected with various Bloggers on Twitter and Instagram; we’d be sending a card, and getting one in return.
Christmas cards are not something that I have received a lot of; therefore, I thought that this could be a way to bring a smile to someone, to brighten up their day. Because, well, there’s not something better that you can do, right? (See 50 ways to make someone smile here.)
Cards, or even letters, are important-and I often find that letters, parcels, etc being a rarity a sad thing. (Because we got email!) There are projects that I love-such as More Love Letters, One Million Lovely Letters, and Post Pals-that I have gotten on board with this year. In conjunction with these projects, I’ll also be sending and hiding some Christmas cards where I live.
The Say Nice Things set was a bit too small; there are lots of people I wish to write to! I bought this set from Dodopad LTD, which are now written out, stamped, ready to be sent. There are also some cards for relatives, and people that I don’t regularly see.

I’ll let you know how the exchange goes-as I’m posting the cards off today.

P.S The Pen Company had a post on their website about card etiquette, which you can read here. 


  1. envyfisher
    December 3, 2017 / 1:08 pm

    I can’t wait to see the card you sent me and get yours send along with a whole lot of stationery for our box swap! 😀
    x Envy

    • December 7, 2017 / 3:23 pm

      Card is all sent, parcel coming soon!

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