The Autumn Tag.

Good morning everyone,
Cassie at Zombie Goddess Beauty tagged me in the Autumn tag; you can view it here. Essentially, the tag has set questions, and you answer, therefore nominating and linking with other Bloggers to do the same. This tag is a little late, I do appreciate; Halloween has passed for this year. However, I will try to answer as best I can!

What signifies Autumn to you?

It would probably have to be the changing colour of the leaves. It’s the time of year where I like to walk my dog most of all-because we can run through the leaves, with them crunching under foot. Oh, and it’s now socially acceptable to always wear a jumper.

What Is the best way to spend a rainy day?

I wrote a post about this recently (see it here); however, Blogging is probably one option, staying inside another. Oh, and, if you’re a trainee like me, Shorthand practice!

What Is your most fond Autumn memory?

I don’t really have one, to be honest…

What is Your Favorite Autumn Scent?

In terms of perfume, it would have to be Allure by Chanel-which is reserved for special occasions, or when I need a confidence boost! But, in terms of smell, it would have to be a candle, or even a fire, when put out.

What are you most excited about this Autumn?

I started my NCTJ course! (Read more about it here.) It has been a huge part of my life for a very long time now. I’m also excited about the release of Tina Brown’s book, The Vanity Fair Diaries. (I’m hoping to get it for Christmas, maybe.)

 What Is your favourite Autumn song?

I didn’t know there were Autumn songs, and I can’t think of many. But if I had to pick a song without a direct reference to Autumn, it would have to be Seasons Change by Anastacia.

What is your favourite Autumn film?

See above.

 What TV Show are you looking forward to this Autumn?

Peaky Blinders is (finally) back! This I’m so excited for-even if I do have to wait to the next day to watch it, as I get home from lectures late that day. Oh, and Designated Survivor!

What is your favourite Autumn colour?

Deep red.

What Is Your Most Loved Outdoor Autumn Activity?

Walking my dog, or running with my dog, through some leaves. It gets me out of breath, enough so that I know I have exercised myself properly. It also inspires seemingly random poetry. You can read more about this activity here. Or, if you like, you can read my poetry here. 

What is your favourite Autumn fashion trend?

I don’t really ‘do’ trends-as I would like to think I know what suits me, and what doesn’t, but without conforming. Trends also do not generally go well with my hypersensitivity issues. If you would like to know more, see this post. 

If you could have a familiar, what would it be?

I already have one; my cat Sid!

 Name one place you wish you could visit during Autumn?

I would like to see Amsterdam when it’s Autumn-as I hear so many stories of what it’s lie, throughout the year.

What is your favourite photo you took last Autumn?


What Are You Being This Halloween?

I was myself. Complete with Netflix.

Once again, thank you to Cassie for tagging me in this. I now nominate Kate from Kate Jones 50, Melina from I’ve Found Waldo, Nicole from A Beautiful Chaos, and Abbie from Abbie Chic. 

Lydia XO

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