50 things to do in November.

What does November conjure up, in terms of images, for you? To me, it’s a bit of a ‘dreary’ month-one before Christmas, the weather can be unpredictable, there’s fireworks (a pet peeve of mine).. So: I thought I would put a list of fifty things together, of what to do in November. (NB: this recurring feature was inspired by Gala Darling’s blog; you can see an example here.)

  1. Begin to write your Christmas cards-the more, the better! (I’m using these super cute designs from Dodopad Ltd.)
  2. Find yourself the perfect plum-shade lipstick.
  3. Compile a playlist for this month. (View my latest here.) 
  4. Find yourself some good knitwear.
  5. Donate to a charity. I highly recommend the National Autistic Society. 
  6. Organise a Secret Santa!
  7. Book a pantomime for next month.
  8. Consider your elderly relatives-could they be lonely at this time of year? Go round to visit them.
  9. Shop early for Christmas.
  10. Maybe put on the heating.
  11. Dance around in Tinsel.
  12. Stock up on Christmas cat treats. Or dog treats, for that matter.
  13. Write a letter, or send a gift, to a sick child, via the charity Post Pals. 
  14. Become a Book Fairy! (See my post here.) Essentially, you hide books for people to find, read, then return. Click here to find out more. 
  15. Join in with the More Love Letters project-leaving nice, kind notes for people wherever you go. Find out more here. 
  16. Or the One Million Lovely Letters project!
  17. Telephone a relative you haven’t seen in a while.
  18. Read a blog from the start to the present.
  19. Or a book! Fiona Barton is a brilliant author.
  20. Try a new recipe.
  21. Make a gingerbread house.
  22. Taste some mulled wine.
  23. Go to the cinema by yourself.
  24. Bloggers, why not get involved in Blogmas? (Essentially an advent calendar of content.)
  25. Create a Wishlist.
  26. Go ice-skating.
  27. Visit Brighton pier, if you’re in the UK. It’s beautiful at this time of year.
  28. Go to a Christmas market.
  29. Write a gratitude list.
  30. See a light show.
  31. Have a look at Lush’ new Christmas range. 
  32. Try it.
  33. Bake a cake. (Need to keep it simple? Then read this.)
  34. Learn about other Christmas traditions.
  35. Reminisce about a white Christmas.
  36. Buy something from Etsy.
  37. Have a hot drink at lunch.
  38. Go to a carol service.
  39. Dress in red.
  40. Buy a  Christmas jumper for Christmas Jumper Day. 
  41. Go to Primark-for a Christmas outfit on the cheap.
  42. Book in a cocktail meet up.
  43. Find a Christmas game.
  44. Make a DIY advent calendar.
  45. Have a film night in.
  46. Indulge in a lush-infused bath.
  47. Write a list like this.
  48. Create a bucket list for next year.
  49. Change your Twitter name to something Christmas-based.
  50. Comment on this!

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