What's in my bag? NCTJ edition.

Disclaimer: I was sent the backpack in this post by a company called YourDesign, at my own request for a review. However, this post contains my honest opinion. 
Students! We have a lot of heavy textbooks, don’t we? And I know that I am only a part time student-two nights and one day a week-so, in some ways, I do feel a bit of a cheat. However, I carry a lot, and on a train, no less. So: here is what is in my bag on a Saturday morning! (I have two lectures-Law and Shorthand-from 9.15-4.45.)
So: the bag. YourDesign gifted me this; you can personalise it, choose the colour, add text, etc. (Click here to do so.) Anyway, the text I chose for my bag is a line from a Amy MacDonald song, called The Contender. 
So, just what is in the bag?
The essentials. 
A little while ago I wrote about the essentials needed for the course-as you can read via this post.  For a Saturday, I usually take my Shorthand textbook. McNaes, the ‘bible’ of a law textbook, I don’t always take with me-and I should probably tae with me more often, although a bit bulky. Apart from this, I always have at least six pens, my red notebook, and shorthand notebook.
Safety stuff!
As I’m out and about, I take my purse, phone, keys, train tickets, torch..
Personal things. 
Because sometimes I don’t just rely on the minimal things; apparently I have to ‘ram’ my bag with stuff that I may need at some point or another. I have a pink moleskine notebook-because if I didn’t always have it on me, any ideas, thoughts, etc would not be easily retrieved-and a pink Filofax. The latter has a diary-obviously-in it, as well as my expenses for each month, a collection of vouchers, and more.
On a Saturday, we have (I think) half an hour for lunch. So, yes, I take lunch with me-as a way to budget, and not spend too much on shop-bought food. Although, compared to the delicious delicacies that other students bring in, my usual cheese sandwich looks rather.. paltry.

What’s in your bag?

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