Yourdesign Fashion Backpack Review*

Disclaimer: at my own request, I was allowed to design this backpack, and keep it, in exchange for a review. What follows is my own opinion. 


When looking for a new bag, I came across Yourdesign, a company that allows you to have a certain amount of creative freedom in designing products. Typically when I go for a bag, it’ll be boxy, and carried from the crook of my arm; with the amount of textbooks I have, I did develop back pain at points. Therefore, I was delighted to be gifted this backpack.


At first it was a little bit tricky to design on my phone, so I switched to a laptop; much better! It was so simple to click through, order… I did have to change the colour, as Purple was out of stock, however I’m very pleased that I did! As you can see, I had an Amy MacDonald lyric printed on it, as it’s a line I’ll take everywhere with me.

Packaging and delivery: 

I was really impressed with the packaging and delivery; it came uber quickly, and it was tightly wrapped in plastic, meaning that not a lot of material was wasted to transport the backpack.

The product itself: 

Once on, it’s so light you can barely feel it; at points I do forget about the backpack when carrying it. It also has enough room for textbooks, notebooks, magazines… Perfect! If you’re a student, then this is the perfect backpack for you; it’ll most likely save you from back pain, as it did for me, and it makes for an easy solution to carrying things round.
My only really qualm is that its does leave you a bit ‘open’; it wouldn’t take a lot for someone to unzip the bag, and take one of your possessions.. Maybe, for a little bit extra, there could be an inside compartment for things like money or a house key? However, it is also remedied by a clip in key ring.
Yourdesign: you now have a customer! (I.E: me.) As an autistic individual, I LOVE the fabric-as it does not rub, meaning it is therefore perfect for sensory needs-and is a non-fussy way to keep me organised. You’re brilliant.

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