Mad beauty haul!*

Disclaimer: I was sent the PR samples in this post, in exchange for a review, and to also feature in a Christmas gift guide, coming next month. What follows constitutes my honest review. 


I think that I have discovered one of my favourite websites; Mad Beauty. It’s a website stuffed to the brim with excellent products-so for this post, it seemed ideal to show you all my ‘haul’.
Mini mouse hair set. (Red and black package at the back, and facemask from the front of the photo.) 
The face mask I’m currently saving; you know when you just wish to save something for a treat, as not to spoil it, but to spoil yourself? That. Click here to buy it. The hair set I really like, as the idea is to keep your hair away from your face (instead of a hairband), when undergoing beauty treatment-like getting your eyebrows plucked, or using a facemask. But it has the mini mouse ears! It’s perfect for someone who is Disney obsessed, and who uses beauty products a lot. I also really like it as it does not tug my hair or face, and is quite comfy to wear. (A victory for sensory needs, my fellow Aspies!) Click here to purchase. 
The handy set. (Right at the back, in blue.)
Included in this was: a hand warmer, a hand sanitiser, and a tube of hand cream. At times when I am trying to sleep, I occasionally suffer from pain in my legs, sometimes if I’ve pushed myself too far; the hand warmer is ideal for this! It’s small, light, and can easily be slipped into a handbag. The hand sanitiser smells wonderful. (In researching this post, I came across a ‘hack’; it’ll make your shoes shiny!) The hand cream is on my bedside table for night time. Click here to buy. 
Winnie the Pooh spray.
What a wonderful gift this would make! It’s also quite large, and filled right to the brim; I think my Mum may be getting this as part of her Christmas present… (she doesn’t read this blog, I don’t think, so I’m allowed to put in the hint..) I also ADORE the scent of it. Click here to buy. 
Pug case.
When you’re going somewhere, this is ideal to keep all sorts of odds and ends in: hair bands, hair clips, pens, chewing gum, post it notes… I also like the fabric it is made of. Click here to buy. 
Three pug hand sanitisers. 
This is probably my new favourite thing that I have come across; the pug hand sanitiser! It has a spray mechanism-unlike a lot of high street brands-meaning the it doesn’t just glob out, and therefore similarly also does not dry out your hands. It has a pleasant smell, doesn’t itch, and all in all, is a brilliant product. Click here to buy. 
For Autistic people such as myself, I think that this brand is brilliant; all of the products have meet my sensory needs in their functionality, and all in all is bright, relatively cheap, cheerful, etc. This is an ideal brand.
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  1. November 13, 2017 / 3:11 pm

    Those pug sanitisers are awesome! I would love to know how the mask is once you’ve used it 😁 I have done a series of face mask reviews over on my blog if you’re keen on a read.

  2. Isabel
    December 10, 2017 / 4:48 pm

    Everything that Mad beauty makes is just so cheerful and comforting, I want all the things I buy to have pictures of happy dogs on them.

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