Blogging For Business With Devereaux Fraizer, Of Maryland Poet Blog.

So it seems my ‘Friend application post (click here to view), actually did make me an online friend after all! Devereaux is an ‘aspie’ Blogger like me; that way, I just had to ask some questions. We’re kinsman after all!

What inspired you to blog?

My inspiration to blog is simple, but two-faced in intention. As a kid, I struggled to connect and associate with my peers. Writing gave me a connection I never had. As my understanding has grown, my blog has followed suit. More than just being a place to express my inner self, it’s grown to be a second world for me. I’ve grown close to many of my followers, and though I am grateful for the views, likes, and comments, it’s the understanding of the autistic life that is most important to me.

Why is blogging about Aspergers important to you?

 Blogging about Aspergers is important to me because I believe autistics are poorly represented in media, politics, and in the news. Particularly, I want to make the voice for black autistic males louder. Inaccurate representations in movies, such as “The Accountant”, I feel I need to be part of the resistance to the stereotypes.

What do you think is to be gained from blogging?

There’s a universe to be gained from blogging. From personal discovery to developing serious friendships, what you gain from blogging is literally endless. I can’t imagine where I’d be today without it, and while there’s countless blogs out there, each one is important to the makeup of the web.

What do you think about blogging for business?

I absolutely love the idea of blogging for business. The more people you reach the better.

Where do you see your blog in the future?

In the future, I hope to continue to reach out to the autistic community. Specifically, I hope to have more interviews like these, as well as blog posts from others on the spectrum, in an effort to show the world the complete picture of the autistic life. I hope people leave my blog not just an appreciation of my poems, but the underlying story and reasons behind them.

Thank you Devereaux for answering my questions; you can view his blog by clicking here. 


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