Poem: The Way Of The World.


So: yes, I am trying to include more poetry on the blog these days. It doesn’t always take too long for me to write, and is a bit of a departure from the standard daily post. This came to me when I was pondering one afternoon; I was thinking how the world is not really built for someone like me, however things like popularity at secondary school do not last forever. As I’ve written: I had bigger fish to fry!

The world is built with the blocks

for the people viewed as being normal

but as someone not ‘typical’, rather ‘atypical’

one of them I am not;

because I don’t understand what goes on and

I stick out

as someone who is non-conformist

and not giving in to this dramatic “rot”

Because, because, Pleasentries

are to be bothered with, mandated,


and manners, manners as well

Any social choice

like “whose ‘story’ to follow?”

On Snapchat orInstagram

I’m not  going to dwell

As I fail to understand

Like when dressing for others

I’m a writer by nature-

And I have bigger fish to fry

than the minor, the minute

details; popularity does not last forever

but kindness does,

and that’s what puts the ‘I’ in ‘I’.

If you’re looking for more poetry, please click here to visit the blog Too Cute For Life. 

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