Going Dutch.

I love Dutch culture.

Ever since I read the Dairy Of Anne Frank, I’ve been interested in Dutch culture; recently,  in correspondence with Envy Fisher, from Lost In Translation (click here to view), I’ve started to slowly learn the language. But it’s more than just this; I am not just willing to learn the language, I wish to do something else.

I came across the recipe for Kruidnoten on Envy’s blog, which you can view here. I had to have a go:


Kruidnoten is delicious, and has a very Christmas-sy vibe; I had to slightly adapt the recipe for various reasons. (I’m not going to repeat the recipe here; after all, it’s Envy’s blog. Not stepping on any toes.)

But, my tips:

If you can’t obtain the correct Dutch spices (sorry, Envy) , then use what’s in your cupboard; I use variations of Nutmeg, Ginger, and Cinnamon.

The more spice you use, the better the taste will be; the more of cinnamon you use, the more ‘Christmas’ the vibe will be.

If the dough is not sticky enough, you’ll need to add a teeny tiny bit more milk; that way it joins together more.

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