What's in my bag? The Dinner Edition.

With Instagram polls, I’ve recently tried to interact more-and therefore take feedback about what posts I should be doing. It has been a little while since I’ve written a “What’s in my bag?”-so, that seemed ideal for today!
Recently I was at a dinner, but I needed some things with me; this is from Deichmann, which I bought for twelve pounds, I think. (It was on sale! Plus it has cute bees.) As far as I understand, it’s no longer stocked. But if you’d like an alternative, please click here. 
I have a lot of things with me:
Going from the top:

  1. Paper. I have a letter, as well as various pieces of yellow paper that have jottings all over them-because if I don’t jot it down, it’ll be gone. (Maybe I should have a notebook with me?)
  2. Hand Sanitiser. This is a PR sample I was gifted for a Christmas gift guide, which I’ll share with you in December. But Ive put it in my bag, because I like how discreet it is, and that it’s more of a spray than the bog-standard design. Oh, and it also has a pug. Click here to see more.
  3. Another project I’m also working on is an Autism healthy food guide-because sensory issues impact on what we do and don’t eat, but why should this impact on whether we eat healthily? I’m testing various products at the moment, to see if I can eat them dependent on my sensory issues. Anyway, Chewsy gum gifted me two gum samples-as seen here-for me to try; you can buy it here.
  4. Book. Because if I’m on a train, or in a car, I need something to do with my mind. This book I sort of liked-it’s trashy, glamourous-but also, I feel, glorifies some terrible behaviour. I didn’t really enjoy it in the end.
  5. Dr Paw Paw. A lovely multi-purpose lip balm!
  6. Press card. Because if there’s a story that I’m at the scene of, I’ll need an ID.
  7. Pens. I need to write!


What’s in your bag?

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