Aspergers & Environments.

A semi random Twitter exchange got me thinking a little while ago; basically, it suggested that there was possibly a link between being Autistic, and how environments can impact you and possibly behaviour. And I found myself in complete agreement.
You see, in general, I think that any given environment can be incredibly noisy-you may hear people talking. But there’s more than just that: chairs scraping, doors slamming, the soft squeak of a chair cushion, the noise a napkin makes to wipe up spilled coffee, the coffee machine rattling, children playing, shoes scraping, people texting, phones beeping, an angry mother shouting..
Just your average coffee shop, then.
The thing is, I lack a filter to ‘organise’ noise in my head; that’s just the way I am. If I’m in a noisy place, it can be upsetting at points, for the following reasons.
It blocks my thinking. 
In a literal sense, when it gets too noisy, there is so much information invading my head; I cannot process it logically. But if I’m trying to think of something, it sort of seems to get stuck-I cannot articulate it well-and it goes round and around inside my head.
Speech becomes impacted. 
I slur. I stutter. I squeak. I slow down. This is a direct impact of the environment around me-and it seems silly, in a way. It makes interactions with people that much harder; during education people would laugh at me, sometimes.
A way to regulate the extra information-can take the form of gestures, movements, etc. Sometimes when an environment is encroaching, I slap just above my knee-not in a painful way, but enough to know that I am still here. It’s a way to send a message to my brain, for me personally; it’s okay, find a quiet place, this is not the end of the world. 
I took the above photo recently, whilst walking my dog; the orange and yellow flowers are in oasis of calm. But at the side of a busy road. I do become frustrated with environments-because, to be blunt, this world has been built for someone neurotypical, not someone atypical-and although improvements are being made, I still feel upset at big environment changes sometimes.
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