Scarlett Dixon: on fashion and her new clothing line.

A little while ago, I interviewed Scarlett Dixon from Scarlett London (click here to view here blog.) However, it has since been announced that she will be soon releasing a clothing collection, at the time of writing. So, I emailed her a few questions to find out all about her new collection!

Scarlett Dixon, c/o: Scarlett Dixon.

How did the idea for the collection come about?
Jody and I have been working together for a number of years and I’ve always admired her incredible style, talent and work ethic. When the opportunity arose to collaborate for an exclusive collection, I grabbed it with both hands. It’s been absolutely amazing to see the behind the scenes of how Jody works and what goes into a fashion collection! Plus seeing my designs turn from sketches to dresses has been INCREDIBLE!
Why did you decide to launch a clothing line/collection?
I’ve always been very passionate about the world of fashion and I do sometimes find it hard to find dresses and accessories that make you feel both empowered and beautiful. I think we all have a 10-year-old fantasy of becoming a fashion designer and sketching out clothes – but I didn’t actually think it would come true this time!

C/O: Scarlett Dixon.

Did you have anyone in mind who you were designing for?
Just fellow ladies who love to feel feminine, sassy and empowered!
Was there anything particular that influenced your designs?
I think there’s a lot of my own personal style in the designs themselves, I am very much a girly girl and I adore pink and floaty shapes – however I also wanted to create pieces that travelled well because I myself am passionate about travel – and I wanted them to be versatile enough to dress up or style down. I am also quite an advocate for comfort, so each of the dresses are super light-weight and comfortable to wear. You can layer them with slips (underneath) and coats and jackets on top, for Autumn – but I know Winter sun holidays are ever increasing in popularity so these are perfect for this too!

C/O: Scarlett Dixon.

Where is the collection available from and when can we purchase it?
The collection is now available for pre-order (click here)
In terms of designing, do you have anything further planned?
Jody and I are working together on an ongoing basis, so watch this space!
For aspiring designers and bloggers, do you have any tips?
I think just to not limit your creativity, find an outlet for your designs (whether it’s setting up an Instagram page or a blog) and keep striving forward with your passions – nothing is impossible!
Thank you to Scarlett for taking the time to answer my questions; you can view the clothing collection here. 

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