What’s in my bag? Guest post by Megan, of Love Megan Anne.

This is a guest post by Megan, a Blogger from Love Megan Anne; please click here to see her blog. 

Hey everyone,

My name is Megan and I blog over at lovemegananne.com, I talk about everything from mental health, to lifestyle advice and blogging/social media advice. My blog is a place that I hope someone will go with a question and leave with an answer. I am trying to build a community through the words I write and say. I thought an amazing way to get to know me was to get to know what is in my bag. Because if we are being honest, a women’s bag is really who she is. Her bag hold all the things she needs on the daily.


So, what is in my bag?

My bag is basically a black hole about 99.99% of time because who’s bag isn’t right? But for the fact of the post I did clean out my bag and make sure it was decent. This bag is honestly the perfect size because it’s not too big that I feel like I can’t do anything with but also not too small that nothing really fits. This bag is from Old Navy, but I would be lying if I could even remember how long ago I go it and how much it cost. I’m going to guess it was probably $20 – $25 for it, but I highly doubt they still have it.
So let’s get into what is in my bag and less about where my bag is from. Like I said earlier, it’s a pretty good size, so I do keep basically my whole life in this bag. So, please don’t take it! What’s in my bag doesn’t really change, it usually has the same few things. As you can see from the photo, I love to have everything in smaller bags rather than just sitting in my bag. So I have a wallet, a second wallet (don’t ask), and a “make-up” bag.
The only things that really tend to change in my bag is the fact that sometimes I carry lotion and gloves and sometimes I’m carrying around a water spray. Those two usually change daily or weekly. Because Texas is bipolar in the weather department.

What are the must have’s in my bag?

Obviously a good wallet is always a must, and I personally love ones that my phone will fit in and could be carried alone. The next must have would be chap stick, which isn’t pictured here but I literally have 4 chap sticks and I couldn’t imagine my life without a good chap stick. I’m currently using Burts Bees Mango flavor, and it is just simply amazing!

As far as organizing, you all can see that I simply just put everything in smaller bags.
What is your must have in your bag?
Love, Megan Anne

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